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12 again! The mine environmental protection inspection results

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Metal mine review report results finally came out in the Philippines, deputy environment minister Leo Jasareno review committee told reporters after the meeting, the committee proposed to shut down 12 mines, because of these mines in violation of environmental laws and regulations. As a review team leader, Jasareno declined to list may be shut down the mine but said more for nickel ore.

the Philippines as the world's biggest nickel ore suppliers. Since July 8 start environmental review, it has shut down 10 mines, including eight for nickel ore. Leading to the international nickel prices have soared.

the following for the Philippine government since June, the relevant measures of the implementation of the mining:

on September 21, the deputy environment minister said, mining environmental rectification, could shut down 12 mines, mostly nickel project.

on September 15, mining minister, said the Philippines will be announced on September 22, the Philippines 40 domestic metal mines review results.

on September 5, the Philippine mining minister said, for a period of seven weeks of environmental crackdown over, will announce more violations of environmental laws and regulations of mines shut down.

on August 24, a government minister said in the Philippines, the Philippines might shut down by environmental regulation more mines had already suspended 10 mining operations. Minister of the environment and natural resources Regina Lopez could have more mines were shut down.

on August 11, a Philippine government official says, because of found in the audit process of mining, against environmental protection measures, and there were two Philippine mines shut down by the government requirements. Latest closed mines for the Emir Mineral Resources Corp operation nickel mine, the mine production
last year, 150000 tons of nickel ore; Another closed mines as Mt. The chromite of Sinai Mineral Exploration Corp operation. The two mines are privately owned, mainly to supply in the market.

on August 1st, President of the Philippines Du Teer ( Rodrigo Duterte) Warning mining company strictly comply with environmental rules, otherwise it will be closed. Duterte said no mining, the Philippines can also live.

on July 27, mining minister said on Wednesday that the Philippines will not allow is located in the southern island of Mindanao Tampakan copper and gold mine in the form of open pit operation. It said, & other; Given that there is a lot of complaints, I do think that may shut down more mines & throughout; 。

on July 20, the environment minister, Regina Lopez, the government has asked the Nickel Asia corp. to stop from central Philippines Manicani island to output overseas Nickel ore inventory, the reason is that environmental problems. It points out that Manicani island 1. 4 million tonnes of nickel ore must stay put.

on July 18, the largest Nickel producers Nickel Asia announced, Nickel ore shipment reduce 11 during the first half of the year. 8%.

on July 17, the minister of the environment and natural resources Regina Lopez, a radio station, said on Friday called for a Philippine veron nickel industry co. , LTD. ( Berong镍集团) In palawan ( Palawan) Nickel mine production, because of mine leak of bashan
Hu had an impact. This is the Philippine government in less than two weeks time to stop the third nickel mines, its also warned miners don't violation of environmental laws.

on July 7, the Philippine mining and geological survey bureau chief Leo Jasareno said on Thursday that it will suspend operation of nickel respectively belong to two companies and three trace nickel mines BenguetCorp inverness province Zambales Diversified Metals company, due to illegal environmental protection laws and regulations, and stop issuing
mining license.

on July 1, the new mining minister, said the Philippine government will be to review all existing mining operations in the country.

on June 21, the Philippine Supreme Court in the country's three trace set region of five miners issued a temporary order of environmental protection ( TEPO) , due to the environmental damage caused by mining companies has been a threat to the survival, health of the people in relevant area and advantages. According to estimation, the environmental protection law will lead to the Philippine law
2016 guest to Chinese exports of laterite nickel ore wet cut up to 1. 5 million tons, the annual exports of about 40 million tons of wet.

on June 6, the industry said that in 44 operation in metal mines, there are about 24 valence metal mine in the Philippines repeatedly in violation of environmental regulations, these mines have been placed in a list, and submit to the president-elect Du Teer ( Rodrigo Duterte) 。
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