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15. 60000! The United States in September non-farm less than expected

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
September new U. S. non-farm payrolls data was less than expected. Data, after the United States federal funds interest rate futures showed increases in interest rates in December rate is less than 50%.

the U. S. labor department report released today, the United States on September 15 new non-agricultural employment. 17, 60000, less than expected. In August 20000, non-farm payrolls by 15. 10000 to 16. 70000; 4 September unemployment rate 5%, worse than expected. 9%, the first value 4. 9%.

in addition, the United States on September 2. Compared to the average hourly wage 2 6%, with expectations, the former value. 4%; Labor force participation rate of 62 in September. 9%, slightly higher than the previous value of 62. 8%, rose to its highest level since 6 months.

among them, the government sector jobs a year biggest drop, and the most professional and employment service to increase employment, is 6. 70000 people, the health care of new 3. 30000 people, restaurants and bars also contributed 30000 jobs. 1 drop in factory jobs. In August 30000, fell by 1. Employment increased by 2, 60000 people, the construction industry. 30000 people.

5000 full-time job, part-time job has ballooned by 430000.

non-agricultural data after baking, economists Frederik Ducrozet & RLM; Joked, on the plus side, this week was finally over. We survived the bank crisis, OPEC meeting, the European central bank to cut the QE rumours, the hard to take off the panic, the pound flash crash and weak non-agricultural.

deutsche bank chief economist Joseph A. Lavorgna said that overall, September non-farm report still keep the federal reserve to raise interest rates in December. Non-agricultural data, however, the federal funds interest rate futures showed increases in interest rates in December probability is less than 50%, and the probability of November to raise interest rates from more than 25% to 15%.

the data, gold, silver short term rally, the s&p 500 index futures edged higher.

the dollar index pared gains, intraday high against the euro/dollar rose to 1. 1169; Short dollar/yen fell to a low of 103 one of these days. 29. The 10-year Treasury yield slightly higher to 1. 730%.

” The federal reserve agency & throughout; Jon Hilsenrath before non-agricultural report said that the fed is almost impossible to take action in November, because after a week of November meeting is the U. S. presidential election. If today's labor market weakness, will lead to the fed's special attention. If the unemployment rate fell sharply in September, it will change the fed chairman yellen think the economy is upside ideas, improve the probability of the federal reserve to raise interest rates during the month of December.
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