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2017 annual national technological invention fair show

by:Deyuan      2020-08-05
2017 annual national technological invention fair show

2017 annual national technology invention published

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new technology of extraction and separation of ionic type rare-earth ore efficient green
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离子型稀土矿富含宝贵的中重稀土元素,是我国具有绝对竞争优势且能够真正制约国外的战略资源。 But, at present in the process of enrichment, separation and purification of ionic type rare-earth ore leaching is still low utilization rate of resource recovery, high chemical material consumption, to produce a large amount of ammonia nitrogen wastewater or high salt waste water, such problems as environmental pollution by radioactive waste, restricts the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.
the national '863' plan project in support of the project such as major projects, independent research and development of new technology of efficient green extraction and separation of ionic type rare-earth ore. In terms of ion ore leaching enrichment, developed green efficient leaching of ionic type rare-earth ore extraction integration of new technology, namely with magnesium salt and its composite ecological system leaching mining, saponification and non equilibrium coupled centrifugal extraction enrichment of rare earth leaching liquid, compared to the traditional process, process greatly simplified, the cost is greatly reduced, the production process does not produce ammonia nitrogen wastewater and radioactive waste pollution. In rare earth separation, purification, put forward and developed low carbon low salt no new technology of separation and purification of ammonia nitrogen of rare earth, i. e. , according to the nature of rich calcium magnesium alkaline compounds, rare earth separation process of recycling of magnesium chloride wastewater and

DE source extraction, recommend the 2017 annual national technological invention fair show help you understand the extraction equipment and production capacity, technological process, characteristics of the equipment, such as detailed specification, at the same time can also see the relevant customer case and extraction equipment solution, the research trend, you can also browse all extraction equipment.
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