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2019 licensed pharmacists in analytical chemistry: solvent extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-07-25

'solvent extraction' Chinese materia medica in the exam is licensed pharmacists need to master knowledge, medical education network small make up to sort out the following: solvent extraction separation method: using the material on the property of oil and water separation method. Usually adopt chelate or ion association object extraction system using hydrophilic inorganic ions into hydrophobic chelate or ion association, in order to use organic solvent to gen. In extraction separation, should understand and master the distribution coefficient K, distribution ratio D and E extraction rate concepts and their mutual relations. ( ) Ion exchange between pointed is the use of ion exchange resin and ion exchange reaction and separation method. The ion of ion exchange separation process is easy to be separated with different charge, widely used in pure water in the qi and blood. For the ion with the same charge, can use ion exchange differences of affinity, in the process of repeated exchange and elution separation, so it is also called ion exchange chromatography. ( ) The classical liquid chromatography is mainly used for the separation of organic matter. According to the shapes of the stationary phase and operation mode, can be divided into liquid chromatography column chromatography, paper chromatography and thin layer chromatography. They are made for separation of components in the stationary phase and mobile phase, and the repeated and transfer between the separated material nature of the tiny differences in the process to enlarge medical education | web editor, the difference of the migration velocity, to separate. Difference only lies in the several chromatography stationary phase and mobile phase, to separate components are used by the nature of the differences between different.
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