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A new extraction separation technology extraction plant and animal oils and fats oleic acid of central Asia

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Containing two double bond of linoleic acid is human body essential fatty acid, has special physiological functions and features, is also the important material to sustain life. In recent years, with the development of economy, the improvement of people's living standards, improve the quality of life has been widely concerned, the especially high cholesterol, high cholesterol, such as universal existence of modern civilization disease, make people become more and more attention to the study of unsaturated fatty acids and comprehensive utilization. Linoleic acid in care, medicine, food and other industries demand more and more high, over the years has become one of the hot topics on health products. Research � � � now, cholesterol ability after must be combined with linoleic acid in the body to normal operation and metabolism. However, because of linoleic acid in the body can't synthesis, must intake from the outside world. Therefore, the preparation of high-purity linoleic acid has a broad prospect of development and utilization, the potential medical and medicinal value in food is widely attention.
linoleic acid is human body essential fatty acids, is one of the important material to sustain life. Research showed that linoleic acid can maintain cell membrane integrity, control cell metabolism. In addition, the linoleic acid also has lower blood lipids, blood pressure to soften blood vessels, promote microcirculation, and cholesterol in the body only through combination with linoleic acid in the body to normal operation and metabolism, so as to prevent or reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, especially for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, and senile obesity prevention and treatment is very good, because can prevent human serum cholesterol in the blood vessel walls of deposits, have 'vascular scavenger' reputation, at the same time it also promote the growth and development, enhance immunity and beauty salon and other functions.
for the preparation of high-purity linoleic acid, researchers have done a lot of research at home and abroad. Common methods at home and abroad are first saponification again acid solution preparation of mixed fatty acid. Here we do not do further discussion.
at present, the method of purification of polyunsaturated fatty acid at home and abroad has more than ten kinds, including molecular vacuum distillation, extraction, supercritical fluid CO2 enrichment of low temperature crystallization, urea legal and lipase method, etc. Will now be the advantages and disadvantages of different purification of unsaturated fatty acid method summarized as follows.
using fatty acid with different molecular weight method for separation and enrichment of linoleic acid in order to achieve the purpose of including molecular vacuum distillation method and supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction method.
the principle of molecular distillation is to use the volatility of different mixture component for separation. Its characteristic is the distillation temperature under normal temperature, and shorter time for heating the material, is beneficial to protection of polyunsaturated fatty acids heating oxidation decomposition, to maintain its physiological activity, the production process does not use organic solvent, the environmental pollution is small, process of low cost, easy to industrialized continuous production, especially suitable for high boiling point separation and purification of thermal sensitive material. Its drawback is that require high vacuum equipment, so the energy consumption is higher.
supercritical CO2 extraction is a new separation technology in recent years the development of, is also a research hotspot at home and abroad, it is a kind of environmental protection, no solvent residue separation technology, so the quality of the preparation of unsaturated fatty acid is higher. But need to be under high pressure operation, the requirement of equipment required is high, the processing cost is larger, expensive equipment and industrialization difficulty; In addition, the supercritical CO2 extraction on continuous production process and equipment difficulties still exist, continuous production and batch production is less than the economy. Supercritical fluid extraction separation, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials and the oxide quality accordingly with the development of industrial technology, low cost.
supercritical CO2 extraction and molecular distillation technology is a purely physical technology, manipulation of low temperature and is helpful for maintaining the natural product features, good selectivity and separation process one step, no residue extraction, extraction and refining PUFA is ideal method; Drawback is that the two methods are the use of molecular size to separation of fatty acid, can separate different number of carbon atoms of fatty acids, but the number of carbon atoms in the same degree of saturation of different fatty acids are difficult to separate.
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