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A new solvent extraction technology application in environmental wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-25
Have certain biological organic pollutants accumulating and 'three to' role, even some of the harm of trace organic matter is also very big, so consistently seek trace and ultra trace pollutants monitoring method is an important task of the organic pollutants monitoring. With the rapid development of economic and social as well as to the urgent needs of the environmental monitoring work efficiency, the high efficiency, rapid organic pollutants monitoring technology has become one of the highlights in agro-scientific research in the international environmental problems.
sediment water pollutant deposit belongs to, pollutants in water and sediment of the two phases exist migration behavior, under certain conditions, Such as floods, river dredging) The polluted water. Thus effectively analyze monitoring contaminants in rivers and reservoir sediment, has important significance to control water pollution. In addition, the organic pollutants in sediment and water creatures of secondary pollution problems still exist, therefore has carried out a series of research topic all over the world. The surface water environment quality standard ( GB3838- 2002). Water source specific monitoring items specified in the value of the standard of the 68 kinds of organic pollutants, which, therefore, an urgent need to advanced technology popularization and promotion of organic pollutants monitoring, especially in water conservancy system, research on organic pollutants monitoring work is not enough, be badly in need of advanced monitoring technology support and guide the development of water quality supervision.
organic pollutants monitoring mainly includes sample preparation and the instrument detection. And sample pretreatment technology plays an important role in organic pollutants monitoring, accelerated solvent extraction technology is an advanced for trace organic compounds in solid phase, half solid material pretreatment method.
solid sample pretreatment of organic matter is mainly mining � � � liquid-solid extraction methods, it is using different solubility in different solvents, organic matter will be extracted organic matter under test, the conventional methods mainly include the soxhlet extraction, and then further developed automatic soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, etc. , but still the dosage of the organic solvent, extraction time is longer, the extraction efficiency is not high.
the water environment monitoring has the sample point, sample quantity more big, strong timeliness etc, especially need some emergency monitoring measures, the pretreatment method can't meet the needs of the water environment monitoring efficiency and economic modernization. In recent years the development of new pretreatment method - — Accelerated solvent extraction method, is an increase of temperature and pressure conditions, the automated method for extraction of solid substances in the organic matter, compared with the former methods, its outstanding advantage is low organic solvent consumption, rapid, high recovery rate, the method has been the us EPA selected as recommended by the standard method, is to solve the water environment of sediment and soil in the solid material such as volatile and semi volatile and persistent organic matter ( POPs) Effective analysis and monitoring method.
solvent extraction technique is according to the different principle of solute solubility in different solvents, using centrifugal extraction machine, choose suitable extractant, implement efficient and rapid extraction method of the organic matter in solid or semisolid samples. Under the action of centrifugal force, can greatly shorten the extraction time. Because the heated solvent has strong ability of dissolving, so can reduce the amount of extraction solvent; In the process of extraction of centrifugal extraction machine maintain speed can improve the extraction efficiency, ensure the safety of the extraction process.
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