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A new solvent extraction technology treatment of phenol wastewater

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
New solvent extraction technology processing waste water containing phenol
solvent extraction has high separation efficiency, low energy consumption, large production capacity, less equipment investment, facilitate rapid succession and the advantages of safe operation, has been brought to the attention of the industry and researchers. With the development of modern industrial process, separation technology put forward higher request, the separation of diversified products, strict management, the environmental pollution of extracting high purity material, greatly promoted the development of extraction technology. Through the extraction separation coupling with other unit operations process and strengthening of extraction separation process, appeared a batch of new extraction separation technology.
      ( 1) Organic matter in dilute solution complexing extraction
polar organic separation of dilute solution is a very valuable but difficult subject, in order to solve this problem, King etc. This paper proposes a new separation process - Based on reversible chemical complexation reaction extraction separation method. Its technological process is: using organic solvent and solute reversible complexation reaction, occur between the solute and the solvent contact reaction generates complex, and the original solvent separation, transfer to the solvent phase, thus reducing the concentration of solute in the solvent. , such as temperature or pH changes again by make reaction in reverse, thus extracting solvent regeneration recycling, the solute is able to recycle. Complexation extraction compared with other separation methods, with high efficiency and high selectivity, but need to correctly choose the appropriate complexing agent, solvent and diluent, extraction solvent system is relatively complicated, for high concentration solution, equilibrium distribution coefficient will decline.
in recent years, we focus on organic acid dilute solution, phenol, organic amine dilute solution, dilute solution alcohols dilute solution and sexual functional compounds such as dilute solution system were studied. But more work is still only stay in the laboratory research stage. Polarity organic complexing extraction mechanism has its particular complexity, the process of the research work is still in the initial stage.
    ( 2)
liquid membrane liquid membrane separation technology is used to separate with each phase of a liquid medium phase, it is separated the 'mass transfer bridge' between the two phase fluid, usually in different media with different solubility and diffusion coefficient in liquid film, liquid membrane selective permeability of different solutes, realize the separation between the solute. Liquid membrane separation technology (sz - s4} Extraction is the important characteristic of process and at the same time, one step back extraction process. Because of its promoting migration effect, liquid membrane separation process of mass transfer rate increased significantly, the separation of product required series decreased significantly, and greatly reduce the consumption of extraction solvent, and even can be realized from low concentration to high concentration of the solute. As a new separation method of rapid, efficient and energy saving, liquid membrane separation technology in wet metallurgy, oil chemical industry, environmental protection, gas separation, and the biomedical sciences, shows a broad application prospect.
    ( 3) Supercritical fluid extraction technology
of supercritical fluid extraction technology of supercritical fluid as solvents for separation of extracted from liquid or solid components. Supercritical fluid is at a temperature higher than the critical temperature and pressure is higher than the critical pressure of the thermodynamic state of fluid, it has the physical and chemical properties between gas and liquid. Using supercritical fluid as extraction agent, not only to have a strong ability to dissolve many substance, and the mass transfer rate is far faster than the liquid solvent extraction, can realize high efficient separation. A few decades ago, a number of the process of industrial scale is close to critical point has been applied to the solubility of the solvent. In the 1970 s and 80 s, in Germany, France, Britain and the United States have commercial scale decaffeinated coffee and tea, spices and tobacco nicotine extraction, hops extraction process. The country is also developing the seabuckthorn oil extracted from seabuckthorn fruit industrial production scale supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process and apparatus. And there are many new application process, but with conventional separation technology, such as rectification and a liquid solvent extraction, supercritical fluid extraction (sfe) is a relatively expensive process, and this is mainly due to high pressure caused by operation. Therefore, supercritical fluid extraction process is of high value products or in conventional techniques inapplicable to have greater value.
    ( 4) Aqueous two-phase extraction technology
with the rapid development of biotechnology and biological chemical industry, some bioactive and valuable separation and purification of biological material is critical. Using conventional extraction technology often leads to process long, easy to inactivation, lower cost and higher yield. Aqueous two-phase extraction technology is the separation, the new extraction and separation technologies of bioactive substances. In general, the biological basis of bioactive substances in aqueous solution. In aqueous two-phase system, two phase of water content was 80% ~ 90%, composed of aqueous two-phase system of polymer and inorganic salt does not generally cause the inactivation of bioactive substances and degeneration. At present, the double water phase system is mainly used for recycling, cell protein products and enzyme extracted from fermented solution and the product, the extraction separation and combination of biological transformation.
in addition, some opinions and micelle and extracting technology, field improved extraction technology and other new technology, fully displays the extraction separation of pertinence, efficiency, and good application prospect.
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