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A new type of three-phase continuous extraction equipment project acceptance

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
The Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of process engineering of the special program for the fundamental research of the national natural science foundation of scientific instruments, — New type of three-phase continuous extraction system and automatic control system development process, a few days ago by the national natural science foundation of concluding the acceptance and examination.
the project for the chemical process of multicomponent complex solution separation difficult, steps, poor selectivity and high cost problem, more independent research and development put forward by the fluid around the process - Liquid - Liquid phase extraction separation of patent technology, has conducted a new three phase continuous extraction device prototype and related technology research, built by the multilevel series three-phase extraction mixer settler, the whole process of form a complete set equipment integrated a new type of three-phase extraction plant automatic control system and process.
the successful development of the device, can provide industrial implementation of the new technology of three phase extraction and separation step amplification of multi-function engineering experiment research and development platform, can achieve separation process automation monitoring, and online analysis, diagnosis, evaluation and function of process optimization, process parameter database can provide basic data for process simulation.
now the device has completed the three liquid extraction separation of lithium boric magnesium salt lake brine the validation of the application of new technology, and its wide application in the biological fermentation system, natural product extraction liquid, environment wastewater, metallurgical process more efficient extraction separation of the metal complex solution, etc. , for the process industry and chemical separation fields related to the development of innovative technology and upgrade provides a strong support.
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