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A weaker dollar, nickel high and volatile

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
Aaron nickel concussion run yesterday. Volatile opened at $10775, trading, up to $10800, to $10655, minimum closed at $10790, up $60, or 0. 56%. Volume reduction of 4620 hands, 1028 holdings reduce 779 to 266881 hands. Shanghai high low nickel main forces go yesterday. Open to 83450 yuan, back slightly after opening, the lowest 83100 yuan to fall after recovery, closed at 84310 yuan, up 240 yuan, or 0. 29%. Spot market overview:

yesterday Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot nickel mainly deal interval in 81050 - in the morning 81450 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 700 yuan/ton, in wuxi 1608 liter discount b600 contract - in the morning B200 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot nickel metal extraction solution index at 81158 points, compared with the previous trading day down 723 points. Nickel prices fell today, smelters, delivery traders moving goods is less, the downstream demand taking goods, purchase intention is not strong, the overall market clinch a deal the atmosphere of the flat. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution research results, some traders think the recent nickel or range.

【 Center point 】
development and reform commission (NDRC) said the second half of steel production capacity to speed up. China's consumer-price index in July 1. 8%, the lowest since six months; PPI - year-on-year in July 1. 7%, narrowing the seventh consecutive month, from 0. 2% from fall to rise, China's manufacturing industry gradually improve, the economy as a whole tend to be more stable. The United States announced the second quarter of the initial value for the third consecutive quarter non-farm productivity decline, at the longest continuous decline since 1979, labor productivity is still stalled. Boost, dragged down by the Philippines environmental protection recently nickel prices is relatively strong, Shanghai nickel main line support below 20 strong, short-term or maintain high and volatile.
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