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Acid leaching extraction technology of zinc oxide ore

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
Acid leaching extraction technology of zinc oxide ore
zinc oxide ore of the main inorganic acid such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid pickling or waste electrolyte as leaching agent, leaching liquid after purification in the electric product process to extract zinc. Pickling treatment especially in sulfuric acid leaching of zinc oxide ore is currently the most widely used in the production of research more and methods, including extraction, purification and electric product or zinc into other products such as process. Different zinc content in zinc oxide ore by conventional acid leaching reaction mechanism in general are as follows:

but usually silicate type silicon content in zinc oxide ore is higher, in the process of acid leaching of ore in the hemimorphite and willemite soluble in sulfuric acid, into the solution of silicate is not stable, intermolecular prone to formed by the polymerization of silicic acid polymer, silicon sol and gel, water has great influence on filtration performance of pulp. In order to get good filterability of pulp, it is necessary to remove silicon, trying to make the silicon in the formation of sol or gel before form easy to filter, so as to reduce the influence of solid separation for ore slurry. Methods on the industrial application at present has laoshan, and red bottom, and condensation method and parallel continuous leaching method.
acid leaching method is adopted to leaching of zinc oxide ore, general high zinc leaching rate can be obtained. , such as a direct leaching zinc sulfate 32. 46% of lead and zinc oxide, under the condition of optimum process zinc leaching rate can reach more than 97%; Blue one somewhere for low grade zinc oxide ore acid leaching experiments, keep the slurry pH = 2. 0, speed control with acid and acid amount, the leaching rate of zinc is greater than 97. 64%, silicon iron leaching rate is low, but the leaching process of acid consumption is larger, acid consumption of 1. 76 t/tons of zinc; Li mou low grade zinc oxide ore were studied such as agitation leaching behavior, the initial acidity 60 g/L, the liquid-solid ratio 5:1, 4 h under the condition of leaching time, zinc leaching rate over 95%, stirring time increase the iron content of leaching solution and did not change significantly but the zinc leaching rate; Da-jin Yang, sulfuric acid heap leaching technology for low grade zinc oxide ore ( Zinc 11. 49%) Ore heap of 1 m, with a thick layer of heap leaching process using intermittent spray method, 10 - spray intensity 12L/( ㎡/小时) , the temperature is 20 320 g, build the heap of concentrated acid curing processing, form a, curing harden control leachate pH of 1. 0 - 1. 5, after 13 weeks of heap leaching, the leaching rate of zinc in the ore by 93. 25%, zinc leaching rate is high, the description of heap leaching technology for low grade zinc oxide ore is technically feasible.
in addition, the high pressure acid leaching technology is used to deal with the silicon content of zinc oxide ore also has a great advantage, the technology for the high reaction efficiency and the advantages of strong adaptability to raw materials and environmental pollution, more widely used in hydrometallurgy. Li mou, pressure acid leaching method dealing with high silicon zinc oxide ore, won the best process conditions, the mineral particle size of 0. 104 mm, 120 g/L sulfuric acid concentration, pressure 1. 0 MPa, leaching leaching temperature 120 c 90 min, under the condition of liquid-solid ratio 3:1, zinc leaching rate is greater than 97%, the rate is greater than 99%, the interception of SiO2 effectively avoid soluble silica dissolution, pulp filtration performance good; Xu, also studied the pressure acid leaching behavior of willemite, found that adopting the technology of high silicon zinc oxide ore can obtain high leaching rate of zinc, iron ore and silicon dissolution rate is low, optimization conditions of zinc leaching rate over 97%, the technology can effectively solve the traditional acid leaching technology of silicon dissolution result in filtration difficult problem, will be difficult to deal with high silicon zinc oxide ore leaching in China opened up a new path.
in addition, the solvent extraction technology in acid leaching of zinc oxide ore extracting zinc also plays an important role. Modern zinc extraction technology development began in this century, according to reports, a zinc smelter using 'leaching - With a solvent extraction electric product process directly from zinc 10. ' 6% of extracting metal zinc, zinc oxide ore production capacity of 150000 tons/year, become the world's first used the bioleaching solvent extraction ( SX - 夏娃) To extract zinc from zinc oxide ore and industrialize smelters. Home also have the solvent extraction technology to extract zinc from zinc oxide ore acid dipping. Ryu USES such as 'acid leaching extraction one electric product' technology to process the low grade zinc oxide ore, leaching process using the neutral leaching and acid leaching, two pieces of zinc leaching rate is greater than 92%, effectively inhibit impurities Fe. Si, Al dissolution, extraction period of use of extractant P204, through multistage extraction and reverse extraction, enrichment of zinc effectively, traces of P204 content in electrolyte in less than 5 * 10 - 6 does not have an impact on the quality of cathode zinc: a company of zinc oxide ore by leaching purification electrolysis, leaching residue use water to wash a extraction, extraction production electric zinc electrolysis process, in the process of extraction, with P204 as extraction agent, can wash the low concentration of zinc in the water purification, enrichment, oil removal after the extraction solution purification of high purity zinc sulfate leaching process directly with electrolytic liquid after merger, 0 # zinc production, extraction section of join zinc recovery rate is improved effectively. The company of zinc extraction zinc production capacity of 50000 tons/year, its process as shown in figure 1 1.

acid leaching process, the leaching rate of zinc oxide ore in general can achieve higher, but impurity silicon, iron, calcium, magnesium, such as easy with zinc leaching, subsequent purification burden is bigger. Dissolution of silicon is easier than forming filter colloid SiO2 led to liquid-solid separation. Leaching and acid leaching process of large amount of slag, increased the acid consumption, equilibrium solution more difficult to control, production about acid consumption more than 1 t 1 t zinc, zinc sulfide ores acid consumption is five times, economic efficiency is not obvious, only when dealing with grade over 30% will get a better technical index.
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