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Acrylic acid wastewater treatment using rotary table extraction tower transformation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Recently received a customer acrylic wastewater treatment technological upgrading projects, details are as follows:

the customer need to acrylic acid wastewater treatment, hopes to acrylic acid content dropped to 1%, before the process is to use rotary extraction tower. In the process of operation, the following problems: the extraction of organic phase and water phase separation is not complete, the extraction efficiency is low, and appear the phenomenon of flooding and small capacity.

based on customer's actual situation, the need for rotary extraction tower was provided, choose centrifugal extraction machine for processing. Experiments were carried out for the customer, effectively solve the separation is not thorough, the phenomenon such as flooding after extraction, well test results have been achieved. After test in by technical personnel targeted customized industrial centrifugal extraction equipment, effectively ensure the treatment effect of industrialization equipment, capacity increase and reduce the manpower, eventually reduce the comprehensive cost.

compared with traditional extraction equipment, the performance characteristics of centrifugal extraction machine:

1, centrifugal extraction machine extraction effect is good, the organic phase and water phase separation thoroughly, there is no entrainment phenomenon;

2, equipment, simple and convenient operation, simple maintenance, and saved the equipment maintenance cost, effectively reduce the comprehensive cost;

3, centrifugal extraction machine, large quantity, low power consumption, high extraction efficiency.

4 materials and equipment according to customer's specific system customization, can choose perfluorinated polymeric materials, resistant to strong acid corrosion.
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