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Alcohol ether extraction plant organic wastewater process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
Isopropyl alcohol is a kind of important organic chemical raw materials and excellent performance of organic solvent; Isopropyl ether is an animal, plant and mineral oil good solvent, has the very high added value. In propylene - Hydration method in the process of the production of isopropyl alcohol industry produces a large number of containing organic wastewater of high concentration of isopropyl alcohol and isopropyl ether, how carries on the separation recycling, is the key to reduce the pollution of the environment and save costs.

- isopropanol Isopropyl ether - Water system of non-ideal sex is extremely strong, each other to form a variety of liquid - azeotrope and exist Fluid balance, and thus is more used in industrial production method of extractive distillation separation recycling. Extractive distillation is a commonly used method of separation of azeotropic system, its principle is that by joining a high boiling point components ( Extracting agent) To increase the relative volatility between the key components and ruin the azeotropic composition to separation system.

first in the extraction stage, choose the suitable extractant and dosage is the key step for isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl ether extraction, extraction solvent ethylene glycol, alcohol ether organic wastewater with ethylene glycol by certain compared respectively from two feeding tube into the drum and the mixing zone, formed between the shell of the rotating drum with, through the turbine disc and the impeller the two-phase mixing and dispersing quickly, and complete the mixing and mass transfer process. After mixing the mixture under the action of vortex disk into the rotary drum, in under the action of centrifugal force, two phase fluid fast separation, clarification of two phase fluid end respectively through their weir plate into the collection chamber and the tube was closed to derivation, respectively, to complete the two phase separation process.

after the extraction of organic load, needs to make the extraction and subsequent distillation section, finally realize recycle of isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl ether extraction.

related extraction equipment figure:

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