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Aluminum weekly review: pessimism over the prices upward fatigue ( 41 weeks)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
One, the aluminum spot trends

early this week because of the two countries will restart a new round of trade jie shang, market sentiment began to recover, spot prices rose slightly.

the overall global economy expectancy, increasing investor pessimism, spot prices lack support ascending, slightly lower.

this week spot aluminium prices keep up after the down trend, first CCMN, according to the Yangtze river spot AOO aluminum ingots week the average price in 14023 yuan per ton, week fell 5 yuan/ton, after a chang-jiang zhou spot aluminum average price per ton to 13990 yuan, rising from 33 yuan/ton, sequential or 0. 24%.

2, aluminum futures trend

crude prices boost the fund market sentiment, combined with the market looked forward to the prospects for sino-us trade negotiations, to boost the market risk preference, aluminum prices rise in vibration. This week's aluminum prices to maintain strong shocks. Afternoon focuses on $1700 support level.

recent inventories are rising at home and abroad show that market demand is weak, aluminum prices rebound is suppressed, the Shanghai aluminum price pressure drop.
this week, the Shanghai aluminum prices maintain downward trend; Shanghai aluminum 1910 week contracts are settled the current month to 13978 yuan, from last week's settlement price drop of about 0. 08%; 1 weekly drop. 18%.

3, aluminum inventory analysis

Aaron maintain rise on the whole aluminum stocks trend this week, the latest inventory to 974200 metric tons, increase inventory 7675 metric tons, about 0. 8%; Shfe al this week a total stock of 319873 tons, 5962 tons less than last week, about 1. 9%.

this week four, macro information

domestic aspects: by the end of September, foreign institutions in 17945 central clearing company managed bonds. Within a month of 4. 5 billion yuan net gain of 706. 7. 1 billion yuan.

international aspects: Germany, according to the bureau of statistics data released Tuesday August industrial output rose 0. 3%, is expected to drop 0. 1%.

this week five, the aluminium market dynamic

1, according to Ms. Luo mining thanks to yield a good harvest in September, is expected to hit the year 3300 - company 3500 tons of bauxite production targets.

2, the United States on August unwrought, non export for aluminum alloy 3571109 kilograms, is almost half of July, 6245366 kg, exports the first eight months of the year is 38092055 kilograms.

6, aluminium afternoon looking

this week is the domestic first la after the holiday, the market supply of goods is relatively abundant, but the downstream enterprise receiving enthusiasm is not high, clinch a deal is general, lack of support ascending weak spot prices.

macro pressure and slowing to inventory shriveling, aluminum prices have a hard, is expected next week, spot prices remain weak shock trend.
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