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Aluminum weekly review: the aluminum prices surged before the holiday or maintain the upward trend

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
One, the aluminum spot trends

this week now strong price movements, spot aluminium week the average price is controlled in 13300 yuan per ton, the previous week the average price per ton to 12700 yuan, up 600 yuan/ton, quarter-on-quarter growth for four. 72%. With suppliers for shipment of high active, but near the National Day holiday, the downstream will lower goods, on-demand procurement is given priority to, clinch a deal market as a whole.

2, aluminum futures trend

aluminum situation stabilized, and this week week the average price at around $1675, due to domestic markets are closed, Aaron aluminum moves relatively cautious, afternoon if you had 1680 dollars on a line, climbed to $1700, recommends that investors can stay first.

Shanghai aluminum first rise fall after rise this week, has experienced a wave of a roller coaster, weekly, prices overall, all the settlement price at 12742 yuan, the main operation price range of 12680 - this week 12860 yuan/ton.

3, aluminum inventory analysis

visible in the figure, Aaron aluminum inventory at first and lowered later this week the latest inventory to 2126825 metric tons, this week increased inventory 2425 metric tons, the growth rate is 0. 11%; Shfe al this week a total stock of 83775 tons, 19302 tons less than last week, a drop of about 18. 73%.

according to customs statistics, China's alumina imports about 12 in August. 90000 tons, fell by 41%, year-on-year decline of 68. 3%. 1 - China's imports of alumina in August 202. 70000 tons, fell 26. 6%. In August, China's imports from Australia alumina about 9. 60000 tons, ranks the first place, since Indonesia import alumina 2. 80000 tons. This year 1 - In August, imports from Australia alumina is about 129. 80000 tons, Indonesia import 30000 tons of alumina; Indonesia alumina to yantai port supply all use weiqiao does not take-away, is expected to Indonesian imports are expected to exceed 100000 tons of alumina in September.

this week four, macro information

domestic aspect: 1 China's National Bureau of Statistics released the latest news; In September 2016, the Chinese non-manufacturing index for 53 business activity. 7%, compared to last month rose slightly 0. 2%, for seven consecutive months in the 53. More than 0% of the business range running smoothly, which indicates that the manufacturing industry to maintain the development momentum is becoming better and better progressly.

international aspects: Friday, according to the United States on September 15 new non-agricultural employment. 17, 60000, less than expected. In August 20000, data from 15. 10000 to 16. 70000; 4 September unemployment rate 5%, worse than expected. 9%; The average hourly wage increase compared to the 2 September. 6%, with expectations.

this week five, aluminum, dynamic

1, September 30, foreign media news, China's aluminium industry, a veteran of the us international trade commission ( U。 年代。 国际贸易委员会,简称ITC) Said the United States industry executives for Chinese companies to avoid international trade rules and avoid import tariff charges not according to the United States.

2, Tokyo September 30, five directly involved in the talks, the sources said Japan buyer agreed to 10 - December imports of aluminum cargo litres of water hammer out at $75 per ton, 17 - from the previous quarter drop 19%, backwardation weak because of excess supply.

6, aluminium afternoon looking

this week now aluminum strong shocks, because frozen and motor transport costs influence on producing a deal; During the National Day golden week in November non-farm data against the fed to raise interest rates expected, good metal market; Domestic stocks continued to decline, the current inventory at a five-year low; Chinese investors have admission or end of the holidays will improve trading enthusiasm, next week is expected to price trend continued upward trend.
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