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Amino acid extraction using reaction extraction/centrifugal extractor to obtain good results

by:Deyuan      2020-09-13
Amino acid is a kind of carboxylic acid on the carbon atoms of hydrogen atoms are replaced by amino compounds, its molecules contain amino and carboxyl functional groups, is a kind of amphoteric molecules. Amino acid is the basic unit of animal nutrition needed protein, plays an important role in life activities and metabolism.
and amino acid in medicine, food, feed and other industries has been widely applied in
L - And L - phenylalanine Aspartic acid for dipeptide sweetener aspartame main synthetic raw material, L - Phenylalanine is styrene acrylic ammonia mustard and formyl sarcoma element such as anti-cancer drug intermediates; Threonine can be used as a dietary supplement, also can be used for feed additives and threonine and single amide rhzomorph ( An effective antibiotics) One of the important intermediates. Daily use of main composition is monosodium glutamate, MSG in addition to used as a food flavoring agent, glutamic acid with vitamin D can also be used to promote absorption.
2, the method of separation of amino acids, — Reactive extraction ( Complexation extraction)
in the production process of amino acid, the extraction of cost accounts for a large part of the total cost. Separation technology of amino acid has a lot of research, such as precipitation, ion exchange, membrane separation, extraction, etc. , each have their own advantages and disadvantages of these methods, in the process of industrialized application, these methods can be combined, in combination with the advantages of these methods for better separation.
so, what kind of methods of extracting amino acid separation? Because amino acid solubility in water is larger, hardly soluble in organic solvent, ordinary extraction ( Can also be called physical extraction) Separation and purification of amino acids, and the reaction extraction method is the use of chemical extraction solvent and extraction reaction generated extraction compound, using the solubility of different extraction in two alternate with and reach the purpose of separation.
in recent years for the use of amino acid reaction research more and more, this method is of high separation efficiency, simple operation, fast split phase and produce less waste water effluent, friendly to environment, and the extraction solvent can be recycled, so using reaction extraction separation extracting amino acid has a good application prospect.
3, reaction extraction ( Complexation extraction) The commonly used extraction agent
1, organophosphorus extractants. At present commonly used organophosphate class extraction agent mainly have two phosphate ( 2 - Ethyl hexyl) The single lipid ( DEHMTPA) , and the second ( 2 - Ethyl hexyl) Phosphate ( D2EHPA) , tributyl phosphate ( 真沸点) And three octyl phosphine oxide ( TOPO) And so on.
2, organic amine extraction agent. The commonly used organic amine extractant have three octyl methyl ammonium chloride ( Aliquat336 /顿巴黄铜) Three (octyl amine, TOA) And dioctyl amine ( DOA) And so on.
3, crown ether and calixarene type extracting agent. Crown ether and calixarene supramolecular chemistry research are the first generation and the third generation of the main body of compound. Four, reaction extraction (
Complexation extraction) The core of extraction equipment - — CWL - M new centrifugal extractor

reactive extraction ( Complexation extraction) Is a substance isolated from aqueous extract of basic operation process,. cwl - M new centrifugal extractor as efficient liquid-liquid extraction separation of environmental protection equipment, fully applicable to a variety of amino acid reaction extraction separation. CWL - Zhengzhou extraction M centrifugal extractor is a new launch of green new equipment with independent intellectual property rights, has high mass transfer efficiency and separation effect is good, large capacity, low consumption, cover an area of an area small, low operating cost advantage, can be intermittent operation, can be a single run, can be continuous countercurrent operation. This series of centrifugal extractor are widely used in pharmaceutical. Fine chemical, food, wet metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries of extraction, extraction, washing and so on. Five, conclusion

reaction extraction method can be used for the separation of amino acids, and the principle is simple, easy to operate, reaction extraction solvent can be recycled, and the separation of waste water produced in the process of extraction of amino acid liquid waste, less friendly to the environment. In addition, the reaction extraction can be combined with other technology, wide application range. As the growth of the demand for all kinds of amino acid, reaction extraction method has broad application prospects.

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