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Amino acids separation with reaction extraction effect evaluation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-10
Amino acid is a kind of carboxylic acid on the carbon atoms of hydrogen atoms are replaced by amino compounds, widely used in agriculture, medicine, food, feed and other fields. Amino acids in the production of a variety of methods, such as fermentation and chemical synthesis, protein hydrolysis method, raw material, enzyme catalysis, etc. When using amino acid fermentation production of fermented liquid general composition is complicated, the solution requires pretreatment, etc. ; Chemical synthesis and enzyme catalysis in a solution of amino acids are generally for a single variety of amino acids, but there will be more by-products, etc. ; The protein hydrolysis amino acids are usually is a mixture of many kinds of amino acid in the solution.

so of amino acids in the production operation, the extraction of amino acid is very important. In view of the separation of amino acids mainly has several kinds of methods, such as precipitation, ion exchange method, membrane separation, extraction, etc. The precipitation is easy to operate, but the precipitant easy recycling residue, difficult; Ion exchange method, equipment and operation are simple, but the separation process produces a large amount of wastewater effluent; Membrane separation mild operating condition, separation and enrichment with complete, but membrane are easy to be polluted and blocked; Extraction method has the advantage of extractant can be reused and less waste liquid separation process of waste water, in the process of industrialized application, optimization, through the experiment reaction extraction become a more effective method of separation of amino acids.

reaction extraction method is the use of chemical extraction solvent and extraction reaction generated extraction compound, using the solubility of different extraction in two alternate with and reach the purpose of separation. This method is of high separation efficiency, simple operation, fast split phase and produce less waste water effluent, and the extraction solvent can be recycled.

at present commonly used organophosphate class extraction agent mainly have two phosphate ( 2 - Ethyl hexyl) The single lipid ( DEHMTPA) , and the second ( 2 - Ethyl hexyl) Phosphate ( D2EHPA) , tributyl phosphate ( 真沸点) And three octyl phosphine oxide ( TOPO) And so on, these common organophosphorus extractants molecular structural formula as shown in figure 1. According to the chemical formula can see DEHMTPA and D2EHPA acid phosphorus extraction agent, the TBP and TOPO to neutral phosphorus as extracting agent.

when using amino acid reaction, need to choose extraction agent. Widely used at present for organophosphorus extractants D2EHPA, its stable chemical properties and complexing ability is strong, very low solubility in water, is widely used in the extraction separation of heavy metals, rare earth elements and amino acid etc. And large capacity of the TBP extraction solvent extraction, chemical stability, cheap, of ammonia acid has a good ability of extraction. In the separation of amino acids, therefore, need according to the concrete operation process for the selection of extraction agent, in order to achieve a better extraction efficiency, achieve higher extraction rate of amino acids.

related extraction equipment figure:

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