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An international authoritative testing agencies to our export extractant for performance testing

by:Deyuan      2020-07-29
In July 2017, an international authoritative third-party certification testing machine came to my company, extracting agent of export product performance index is investigated. The both sides of the cooperation, our company attaches great importance to. Our metal solvent extraction engineering technology research center experts as extraction agent product testing index and testing plan, has carried on the detailed and communication to examination organization experts, our detection method is internationally recognized testing method, is also recognised by the testing agency experts. The whole process of product testing in examination organization experts, under the supervision of the extraction agent products in strict accordance with the standard detection scheme for performance test, also important operating procedures for the video and photos. The whole detection process smoothly, all the test items at a predetermined time. The extraction agent performance testing results show that the Mextral series extraction agent, excellent performance, there are quite a part of the performance index is superior to similar imported products standards. Through this test, confirm the quality we Mextral series extraction agent. On the one hand, eliminates the worries for the customer, the customer to our company extraction agent that the quality of the product will be recognized; Promote customer trust in our company on the other hand, it will move towards the world as we continue to become bigger and stronger, to provide strong support.
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