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Application of the supercritical fluid extraction technology in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization and its prospects

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
In the supercritical fluid technology, is a research and development is widely applied technology of supercritical fluid extraction, the extraction and separation of the SFE technique is a new kind of technology, due to its own characteristics, both at home and abroad has widely used in food, spices, and other fields, and in the field of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), foreign or domestic most unit engaged in SFE technology research and development applications are reported, but the lack of systematic, mostly stay in the middle of the Chinese medicine effective component or raw material extraction, this is just one aspect of the used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The research and development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are special, that is, must have the clinical effects, pharmacological, therefore, SFE technique to must be combined with clinical pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine research. Only the craft is superior, the pharmacological and guarantee or better clinical effect, SFE technique in can truly reflect the vitality of the field or potential.
the extraction of natural flavors and
extraction spices by SCFE method not only can effectively extract the aromatic components, but also can improve the product purity, can maintain its natural fragrance, � � from osmanthus, jasmine, chrysanthemum, plum, orchid, rose extract essence, extracted from pepper, cinnamon, mint, spices from celery seed, ginger, guan with weeds seeds, fennel, amomum fruit, anise, cumin, such as raw material to extract the essential oil, not only can be used as a spice, and some of the essential oil also has high medicinal value.
hops is indispensable additives in beer brewing, has a unique aroma, relaxed and bitter. Produced by the method of traditional hops extract contains no or only contains a small amount of essential oil, destroyed the beer flavor, and the residual organic solvents harmful to human body. Supercritical fluid extraction technology for the hop extract production has opened up broad prospects. Hops oil extracted from hops SKW companies in the United States, has formed the scale of production.

the extraction of natural pigment on the international at present, the demand for natural pigments increased year by year, is mainly used in food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, many developed countries have stipulated deadline are forbidden to use synthetic pigment and disable the synthetic pigments is an unavoidable problem in our country. Poor solvent method of production of pigment purity, smell and residual solvents, unable to meet the needs of the international market for high quality pigment. Supercritical fluid extraction technology to overcome these shortcomings, the SCFE method was used to extract natural pigment, Capsicum red pigment) The technology is ripe and reached the international advanced level.

applications in chemical industry in the supercritical technology is used for the preparation of liquid fuel. With toluene as extracting agent, the Pc = 100 ATM, Tc = 400 - Extraction under 440 ℃ condition, under the influence of SCF solvent molecular diffusion, promote coal pyrolysis of organic matter in depth, can make a third of the organic matter into liquid products. In addition, can also be extracted from the coal sulfur and other chemical products.
the United States recently successfully developed using supercritical carbon dioxide as reaction agent and as a new type of acetic acid extraction agent manufacturing process. Russia, Germany and the SCFE method is used for fuel deasphalting technology.

biological engineering application in recent years, the study found that supercritical conditions of enzyme catalytic reaction can be used in the synthesis and resolution of certain compounds. The other under the condition of supercritical and subcritical water can be used as an acid catalyst, plays a role of catalytic conversion of cellulose, so that it is quickly converted to glucose.
Bio - 1988 Eng。 公司。 Development of the supercritical fluid cell crushing technology ( CFD) 。 Using supercritical CO2 as the medium, high pressure CO2 is easy to infiltrate into the cell, a sudden depressurization, cell by cell inside and outside the large pressure difference, ballooning fracture. Supercritical fluid is also used to material of crystallization and the preparation of ultrafine particles.
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