Copper solvent extraction reagent, Nickel Cobalt extractant, DEHPA & Rare earth leaching solvent

April 12 CCMN net copper aluminum zinc lead tin nickel metal extraction solution early

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 Back again $on Friday night, nickel prices rebound vibration, late rose nearly 2%, the market to come China's CPI, PPI data is generally good, nickel is expected today Shanghai situation stabilized, nickel or with higher now.

the futures market, the dollar fell on Friday, basic metals prices get a boost, Aaron nickel benefit rebound, late rose $165, the latest closing price of $8560, up to 1. 97%; Shanghai nickel high across the open today, 1605 contract opening price of 66660 yuan, main month rose to 460 yuan, nickel 09:20 Shanghai 1605 contracts to 67210 yuan, up 1010 yuan. Market to come China's CPI, PPI data with optimistic expectations, nickel is expected today Shanghai strong shock.

London metal exchange ( LME) 11, Aaron ni latest inventory of 428442 metric tons, less than the previous trading day 234 metric tons.

is expected: Shanghai futures exchange nickel inventories last week to 3967 tons, domestic high nickel stocks continue to rise and refresh repeatedly, highlighting the domestic market demand is weak; But the key to China's economic data this week before investor sentiment, is expected to today's spot nickel increases with nickel.

【 Nickel information 】 Dow Jones news on April 10, according to the current price of nickel, nickel industry are losing money. Ubs ( 瑞银(UBS)) Forecast production 10 - nickel market needs 150000 tons to restore balance, but ubs said until end of this year or in 2017 at the earliest possible. Because of the nickel prices is expected to remain low, prompting nickel producer - ubs to Australia - 西部地区。 The rating from 'neutral' to sell. At the same time, ubs will focus from the company's share price per share to 2. A $15 was revised down to 1. A $88.
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