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April 25 CCMN net copper aluminum zinc lead tin nickel metal extraction solution early

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Copper essay: continuous oil prices rebound boost optimism, every Zhou Lun $34 a month on heavy copper will continue rises high, the copper inventories of the previous period on Zhou Wei reduce or imply poor demand, this is copper rose slightly.

aluminium essay: recent data of China and the United States is good support a global economic recovery expectations, every Zhou Lun aluminum rose $18, cut will raise the cost of electrolytic aluminium enterprises or domestic electricity price subsidies support prices continue to rebound, expected this aluminum up now.

zinc prices essay: Aaron high zinc high rushed back closed cross over the weekend, short-term zinc price movements or weak, along with the reform of supply side zinc, zinc ingots inventory continues to decline, buyers can buy on dips, today is zinc prices or changed little.

lead essay: April U. S. manufacturing purchasing managers' index worse than expected, a weaker dollar index, weekend Aaron lead five even Yang rose $18, Aaron lead long sentiment, market or continue to rebound, expected today now lead prices edged up.

tin sn. Essay: a stronger impetus by the surrounding metal, partition Zhou Lunxi rose 1. 25% to $17355 in more than a year high, China's economic conditions improve boosted optimism, is expected this week now prices stabilized. :

nickel essay by a stronger dollar and investors' expectations for the fed to raise interest rates this year may shift tendencies, $30 weeks fell in late acquisition of nickel, nickel prices before this week, the federal reserve meeting open market cautious, nickel material today is little down.
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