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Aqueous two-phase extraction technology to extract the antibiotic pharmaceutical equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
The basic principle of aqueous two-phase extraction (
aqueous two-phase system aqueous tvo- 阶段系统atp) One or several substances in the water is mixed at a certain concentration, under certain conditions to form mutual miscibility of aqueous two phase system. Aqueous two-phase extraction ( ATPE) Principle similar to common water organic solvent extraction method, is based on the material selective distribution in two phases. After the material into the aqueous two-phase system, due to the interfacial tension, hydrophobic effect and the existence of forces, making them extract in the two phase, and the unbalanced distribution by adjusting all the factors, such as a salt type and concentration, and the kinds of neutral salt concentration, the sound value, temperature, etc. , to improve the target product selectivity, achieve the purpose of to the enrichment of single phase.
conventional aqueous two-phase system including polymer a polymer and polymer inorganic salt water system of ice system. At home and abroad in recent years, researchers have developed a series of new aqueous two-phase system, mainly including ionic liquids - Inorganic salt organic small molecule inorganic salt water system, water system and surfactant aqueous two-phase system. Due to the diversity of the component properties in ATPS, so far has not been a set of complete and unified theory to explain the different system of principle.
fruit polymer compound water is mainly due to the formation of aqueous two-phase system polymer between the intermiscibility space block effect of the polymer molecules, cannot penetrate each other, can't form a homogeneous, thus has the separation tendency, under certain conditions can be divided into two phase. It is generally believed that as long as the two degree of hydrophobic polymer aqueous solution, separating the mixture can occur, and the greater the difference degree of hydrophobic, tend to separate the greater [ z} A
polymer inorganic salt water is generally believed that the formation of aqueous two-phase system is the result of the salting out effect. For polymer solution, by adding a small amount of electrolyte will not affect its stability, to the isoelectric point it wouldn't happen coagulation, only add more electrolyte will make its coagulation, this phenomenon is called the salting out. Happened is the main reason of the salting out effect to hydration, neutral salt is added to a polymer solution, neutral salt affinity ability of water molecules is greater than the polymer, destroyed the hydration layer on the surface of the polymer until it reduced or disappeared. Some charged polymer molecules, and the addition of a small amount of electrolyte can cause the electric potential ( Spoon is reduced, but does not lose its stability, polymer molecules is still highly hydrated at this moment, only add more salt will appear salting-out phenomenon. Salt into phase because of the different ion hydration ability and charge of Yin and Yang, salting out ability also has difference.

the concept of ionic liquid, inorganic salt ice water two-phase is by Gu tow sk I etc. [ 3] Is put forward. The formation of the system is essentially similar to polymer inorganic salt ice system, is a process of ionic liquid and inorganic salt for the water molecules and ionic liquids hydration ability with a salt ability of salting-out decided to split phase, ionic liquid hydration ability of the poor, into a salt of salting out ability stronger is the stronger the ability to split phase, whereas the less.
surfactant aqueous two-phase system includes both ATPS composed of nonionic surfactant, also including the AT PS composed of ionic surfactant. Surfactant mixture phase is mainly due to the surfactant concentration above the critical micelle concentration ( 关键m icelleconcentration QVI C) After surfactant molecules self-organization, globular, rod-shaped, layered and various forms of micelles. There are two kinds of model to describe the phenomenon: phase separation model and multilevel equilibrium model. The former will micelle hypothesis for a macro facies water phase equilibrium, the latter would be as a surfactant solution sizes micelle coexist with monomer molecules balance system.
organic small molecule inorganic salt water aqueous two-phase system research at home and abroad has just started, the commonly used organic small molecules for ethanol, propanol, isopropanol, propyl alcohol and other hydrophilic organic small molecules. The formation of the system is generally recognized as organic solvent with a salt water molecules to form competition association results.
aqueous two-phase extraction technology advantage of antibiotics
aqueous two-phase extraction technology was able to become research focus in the antibiotics extraction project, mainly because the technology showed the following advantages: ( 1) Aqueous two-phase extraction technology can be extracted directly from the fermented liquid of antibiotics, to avoid the fermented liquid filter processing and acidizing operation, simplifies the process; ( 2) The interfacial tension of two phase ( 10 ' A 10 4 mN & # 39; A & # 39; m ) The event, and help strengthen the mass transfer between; ( 3) System required equipment is simple, can use in the production of the original organic solvent extraction using mixed, centrifugal separation equipment, in addition to scaling up test parameters using the existing extraction principle, very suitable for industrial production, abroad have realized computer control continuous production; ( 4) Safe, non-toxic, no organic solvent residual problems; ( 5) Mild operating condition, the whole operation under the atmospheric pressure, can maintain the activity of antibiotic molecules, especially polymer aqueous two-phase system, activity of antibiotics also have certain protective effect; ( 6) Can use coupling reaction extraction technology, the antibiotic preparation and product in the double water phase system extraction process simultaneously, which can effectively solve the problem of product accumulation results in the decrease of the yield, simplified technological process.
pharmaceutical equipment double water phase technique in improving the quality of products at the same time, reduce production cost, reduce the pollution of the environment, to develop safe, non-toxic, highly effective, with the market competitiveness of new antibiotics extraction technology, play an important role in the actual production.

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