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At the end of August imports of Chinese bauxite inventory month-on-month drop 3. 5%

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
According to the statistical data about the company, as of late August, China's imports of bauxite inventory month-on-month drop 3. By 5% to 30. 6 million tons, but still compared to the increased by 2. 4%. In August of this year, the demand for imports of bauxite month-on-month drop 2. By 2% to 5 million tonnes.

although from 1 & ndash; In July, Australian bauxite supply rose 2. By 43% to 11. 65 million tonnes. But at the same time, Malaysia bauxite supply drop sharply compared to 46. By 84% to 5. 36 million tonnes. In July, guinea bauxite imports influenced by rainfall, this effect may continue until September. In addition, in August, China's domestic demand for imports of bauxite was up 3% to 5 million tonnes. Therefore, starting in May this year, falling inventories of imports of bauxite.

in mid-september, Malaysia will cancel bauxite mining ban, but the authorities will strictly control of export license, is expected to bauxite supply may not increase much. In November, before the arrival of the rainy season in Malaysia, purchaser may increase inventory in China, the overall inventory may increase gradually in the fourth quarter.

there are data show that there are five buyers confirmed that inventory decline in August. The current inventory will be able to continue to use 184 days or so, and in late July, inventory to use 186 days.
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