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Based processing plant extract flavonoids separation, purification

by:Deyuan      2020-09-03
Based processing plant extract flavonoids separation and purification of solvent extraction

1 solvent extraction method is based on to the separation of material in two kinds of different to realize the separation, the solubility of solvent in the process of separation can separate the material according to stay polarity is different, different polarity of solvent can treat material have a preliminary separation purification process. Solvent extraction is easy to operate, the use of the equipment is simple, but compared to modern separation technology, its separation efficiency is low, and given priority to with manual extraction, poor reproducibility of the operation. LuShiWu et al. [ ( 33] Solvent extraction is studied the optimum process conditions of extracting lycopene, the results showed that methylene chloride has a low boiling point, the advantages of easy separation recycling, can effectively extract lycopene, 60 min in extraction time, extraction temperature 38 ℃, extraction times 3 times, and solid-liquid ratio 1:3 under the conditions of lycopene extraction efficiency is highest. Based processing plant extract flavonoids separation and purification of silica gel column chromatography
silica gel chromatography separation principle is according to the material of different polarity on silica gel adsorption ability is different, generally the larger material easy to silica gel adsorption, polarity polarity weaker material is not easy to silica gel adsorption, so weak polar material will be acquitted, the stronger the polarity of material is not easy to be cleared, so the whole process of chromatography is adsorption, desorption and adsorption and desorption process. Silica gel column chromatography is mainly suitable for the separation of isoflavones, dihydrogen yellow ketone, dihydrogen flavonol and highly methylated flavones and flavonols compounds. Yao some people such as using silicone main monomer composition of soybean isoflavones separation method are studied, the results show that using 300 - 400 silicone, eluent for chloroform methanol ( ( 5 : 1,v/v) , flow fan is 1. 0 mL/min conditions, can be a good separation of genistein, soybeans, and soybean genistein were yuan main monomer composition, four kinds of soy and soy isoflavones yuan's separation effect is better.
3 gather phthalein amine column chromatography
for the separation of flavonoids, phthalein amine is ideal adsorbent, since most flavonoids have a certain number of mouth light base. Poly phthalein amine adsorption chromatography is the main principle of the hydrogen bond, in the process of separation, adsorption intensity by molecular base of light in the mouth and position, and solvent and flavonoids or solvent and poly phthalein amine formed between the size of the hydrogen bond association ability. But the death of phthalein amine adsorption high, not suitable for separation under the condition of raw material is less. Bai Yune et al. [ ( 35] Comparison of the three kinds of poly phthalein amine separation effect of total flavonoids in tropaeolum, use 60 - found 80 mesh together phthalein amine best adsorption and desorption effect of total flavonoids of flos lonicerae, and the sample solution of the optimal pH value of 3, the sample concentration is 1:3 ( g/mL) The maximum adsorption capacity of 0. 2833 g/mL, water and 50% ethanol elution solvent. Based processing plant extract the separation and purification of flavonoids from

4 glucan gel column chromatography glucan gel column chromatography separation principle is: in the process of separation, high molecular material due to not enter the inside of glucan gel column to fan out, relative molecular mass is small, can enter the glucosan gel column cavity, so its flow fan is slow, so in the use of glucan gel chromatographic column separation of flavonoids, flavonoids in the order of the relative molecular weight decreasing, in turn, was cleared, glucose, gel column chromatography is suitable for the after paper chromatography, thin layer chromatography, silica gel and polyethylene phthalein amine chromatographic separation for further separation of high purity material. To use poly phthalein amine chromatographic earlier, were isolated from the pole extract flavones in Lebanon PuYuanHe flavonoid compounds, then using Sephadex LH - 20 of flavonoid compounds for the separation and purification, finally according to the physical and chemical properties and spectral characteristics of compounds identified compounds isolated from the chemical structure of two compounds were ko - according to the element 7 - 0 - β- D - Glucose and pavilions skin - 7 - 0 - β- D - Xylose. 5 pH gradient extraction

pH gradient extraction method suitable for the acid strength has obvious different yellow ketone yuan's separation. Flavonoids, yuan compounds in phenol light base number and location of the different causes of the acid strength is different also, so in the process of separation, can dissolve in organic solvent mixture first, in turn, use different intensity gradient extraction of lye, then use acid neutralization, the mixture of flavonoids freed, finally using organic solvent for extraction, will need a method of effective components separated, Wang Mou waiting to flower of kudzuvine extraction and purification process of total flavonoids was studied, the main research of n-butyl alcohol extract of flower of kudzuvine isoflavones refined, found not good just rely on n-butanol purification flower of kudzuvine isoflavones, considering that most of the flower of kudzuvine isoflavones has two or more phenol light base, so easy and weak base to form salt, so that can be used in the process of purification of different concentrations of sodium carbonate in the flower of kudzuvine isoflavones can be a simple purification. Based processing plant extract the separation and purification of flavonoids from

6 according to specific functional groups separately according to the position of the light of flavonoids are different, its chemical property is different, can separate flavonoids with specific functional groups, but the use of such separation methods of functional groups on the type and location is limited by certain strict requirements.
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