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Basic principles of solvent metal extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-12-29

Solvent metal extraction is also called liquid-liquid metal extraction, referred to as metal extraction. In the metal extraction method, the organic phase and the water phase are mixed with each other. After the substances to be separated in the water phase enter the organic phase, the two phases are separated by different mass densities. The organic phase is generally composed of three substances, namely, metal extractant, diluent, and solvent. Sometimes some regulators are added to the metal extraction agent to make the performance of the metal extraction agent better. Non-ferrous metal cyanide complexes are generally extracted from cyanide solution with polymer organic amines, such as trialkylmethylamine chloride (N263), diluent is higher alcohol, and solvent is sulfonated kerosene. The water phase is the wastewater to be treated.
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