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Benzene acid and recycling - — Continuous extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-13
In the chemical production sometimes need to remove organic acid, inorganic acid and benzene solution and purified recycle of benzene. Zhengzhou extraction design adopted the extraction process for customers, and achieved good application effect.

1, process objective: to remove containing benzene solution of organic acid, inorganic acid and benzene were purified recycle.

2. The reagents required: sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ammonia, water

3, processing: after 8 m/h

4, host selection: zhengzhou extraction CWL350 - M

5, the host material, composite material

6, the technological process: alkaline acid + water desalination

7, solution principle: by acid and alkali neutralization reaction to organic acid, inorganic acid in the benzene solution transferred to the inorganic phase ( Mainly water) According to the density difference of benzene and component parts after implementing two-phase fast and efficient separation of

8, centrifugal acid principle: centrifugal extraction machine is the use of motor driven rotary drum high-speed rotation, the density of different and each of two immiscible liquids in drum or under the action of shear force produced by the rotation of blades complete mixing and mass transfer, and the effects of the centrifugal force in the high-speed rotating drum under rapid separation.

9, technological process:

( 1) Alkaline acid:
open the centrifuge and running, through metering pump will pump water from 3 # centrifuge heavy phase mouth in, the sodium hydroxide from 1 # centrifuge heavy phase pump into the mouth, stay to 1 #, 2 # mouth is material liquid discharge centrifuge light, with metering pump will contain acid benzene solution from light phase pump into the mouth to # 1 in the centrifuge countercurrent extraction and start level, first of all the weight in the process of phase mixture through mixing zone, and complete the sodium hydroxide neutralization reaction of acid in the benzene solution, then mixed phase into the high-speed separation area and completes the fast separation of inorganic and organic facies.
  ( 2) Water desalination:
out of phase 1 # centrifuge light mouth of benzene solution after alkaline acid need to be further water desalination. Respectively through the 2 #, 3 # centrifuge two-stage reverse flow water desalination, transferring residual in benzene solution of salt to the water phase after finish benzene desalination in high-speed separation area. Eventually the containing benzene solution acidity value can meet customer demand.

benzene by alkaline acid, water desalination synchronous operation, period to the process of static electricity by electrostatic this part inside the equipment into the zirconium wire export; Eliminate safety hidden trouble.

10, process features:

1. The process is not limited to level 3 centrifugal separation, can increase the countercurrent extraction series according to the actual situation;
  2. Technology is suitable for the separation and recycle and water will not mix solution of acid organic compounds such as benzene, xylene, etc;
  3. CWL250 - M type equipment as an example, the residual liquid volume in the body cavity after operation has stopped for 15 l, less equipment within the residual liquid.
  4. The process relies on centrifugal separation ( The same condition is gravity hundreds to thousands of times) , high separation efficiency;
  5. The set of process equipment cover an area of an area small, low power consumption, which can realize the benzene acid and recycling continuous production;
  6. Devices are equipped with electrostatic guiding device, the material of zirconium.

11, zhengzhou extraction. cwl - M centrifugal extraction machine advantages:

1, cover an area of an area small, large quantity
2, system for the closed loop system, operation environment is good
3, equipment with low power consumption,
4, flexible operation, can according to the specific nature of the material liquid and flexible change equipment processing requirement quantity
5, the dosage of alkali and water is small, and can realize the lye recycling, acid raw material cost is greatly reduced.
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