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Biological enzymolysis technology of extraction of natural active ingredients of plant polysaccharide

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
Enzymes are produced by organisms living cells, with eggs from quality, and the form of a special kind of biological catalyst. Biological enzymolysis extraction ( Also known as the enzyme reaction extraction) Technology according to the composition of plant cell wall, use of enzyme reaction has the characteristics of high specificity, and select the appropriate enzyme, can be resolved by enzyme reaction gently to plant tissue, accelerate the release of active ingredient extraction. Biological enzymolysis technology also can be used to separate enzymatic refining, liquid formulation will affect the clarity of removal of impurities such as starch, protein, pectin decomposition, to improve the extraction yield and improve the filtration velocity and purification effect in the process of production, improve product purity, quality and stability.
ma mou with cellulase extraction of rhizoma coptidis small nest alkali, hydrochloric acid hydrochloric acid from small nest alkali content of 4. 2%, and without the small nest enzyme treatment of hydrochloric acid alkali average content of 2. 5%. Of mushroom cell wall is composed of proteins, chitin and cellulose, structure compact, general extraction method for difficult to undermine its cell wall, extract the effect is not ideal, wang mou, cellulase and bromelain in the process of the extraction of lentinan enzyme processing, can greatly improve the extraction yield of total soluble solids, extract with ethanol after removal of protein precipitation, get a mixture of 6 kinds of polysaccharide, enzymatic extraction of polysaccharide content is 50%, without enzyme treatment containing only 32%. Also send reports called enzyme technology for the extraction of canola, corn germ oil, effect is good.

the natural plant extraction and separation of effective components, each have its characteristics, due to the complexity and diversity of plant structure, the applicability of the various methods may also vary, simple can't make a good comparison. Studies have found that extracting yellow answer and cordycepin, the extraction of new technology in some process may not be better than the traditional method, it should also be taken seriously. Concrete analysis is needed in scientific research, production practice, comprehensive consideration, to select the best extraction technique and technology.
centrifugal extraction machine extraction of natural plant effective components extraction technology will certainly to safe and effective, and easy to control, low cost, environment friendly in the direction of the development, make natural plant active ingredient extraction and separation technology will be improved.
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