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Brine magnesia boric acid were extracted with centrifugal extraction machine technology was studied

by:Deyuan      2020-08-10
Of qinghai salt lake mineral resource is rich, rich potassium, magnesium, lithium, boron and other resources, in the production of series products of high added value and refined magnesium lithium, boron element contained in brine will affect production, therefore, in the process of production, brine magnesia require boron removal.

at present, the method of boron brine magnesia acidification method, boric acid salt precipitation, ion exchange method, solvent extraction, etc. Pure acidified crystallization method suitable for high boron brine, cannot complete separation of boron; Compared with solvent extraction method from other methods, has a good selectivity, thorough separation of impurities, high boron recovery etc. But in combination with the actual operation, acid sinking - Extraction - Crystallization process is currently used to extract boron brine magnesia better operation method.

1, acid sinking stage

in brine magnesia quantitative uniform to join the concentrated hydrochloric acid, stirring constantly, the lower the pH to 2. 5, boric acid was added into the seed induced crystallization, adding acid by pH control, reaction after aging filtration separation, coarse boric acid and boron mother liquor.

2, the extraction stage

will analyse boron mother liquor with organic extractant system according to certain proportion injection machine, centrifugal extraction respectively at room temperature for 3 times centrifugal extraction; Then load the organic phase and extraction agent three centrifugal extraction, according to the above process for boron renewable water phase and organic phase, organic phase back extraction section.

3, crystalline phases,

hot-melt recrystallization will heavy crude boric acid with acid extraction of boron were melted water phase, thermal filter cooling crystallization after removing impurity, high purity boric acid after filtering, washing, drying, mother liquid, wash water return to acidification, hot-melt section.

the selection of extraction agent for acidizing analysis boron has important influence on boron mother liquor, at least one extraction functional group in molecular ( The hydroxyl) With boric acid can generate corresponding complex, also should have enough long fat chain or aromatic rings make complex soluble in organic phase, boric acid extraction to the organic phase. So choose in the extraction of boron in the brine magnesia homework isooctyl alcohol + isoamyl alcohol mixture as the extractant, sulfonated kerosene as diluent, carries on the extraction of boron operations.

related extraction equipment figure:

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