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British retreated before the referendum results lead price or price is not big

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 A weaker dollar supported metals, overnight lead shock rebound closed up $16, effective breakthrough 20 daily average lines, Britain's former market waiting to see the results of the referendum is given priority to, today Shanghai lead consolidation, is expected to lead down slightly.

【 Lead futures market 】 Lead London opened in 1716 dollars/tons, Asian session by a weaker dollar, Aaron lead more than 1732. $5 / ton; Europe and the United States lead time Aaron rebound fell weak shocks to low $1707 / ton, plate back up again in the daily line above, eventually closed at $1730 / ton, up $16, or 0. 93%; Hand positions, volume 2714, 370, 121824 an increase of 446 hand positions; Shanghai main lead 1608 contracts in 12890 yuan/ton, interval along - day moving average concussion, intraday price 12895 yuan/ton, the lowest price 12835 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 12870 yuan/ton, up 25 yuan, or 0. 19%; Hand positions, volume 2008, 3522, 14568 an increase of 122 holdings. The highest 1732. 5 dollars/ton.

( ) Today's spot price quotation forecast: night Shanghai lead 1608 rebound slightly higher contract, has been standing over the 40 - day moving average, but the former market waiting to see the results of the referendum is given priority to, the downstream demand remains bleak, lead or consolidate, today's spot of lead ingot price is expected to rise and fall.
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