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Butyric acid extraction separation equipment to introduce 【 Tianyi extraction 】

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Butyric acid is a kind of important organic acid, in the chemical industry, food, medicine and other fields have important USES. Butyric acid production by microbial fermentation, efficient extraction of butyric acid from fermented liquid technology becomes the key to achieve its industrialized production. Butyric acid extracted from fermented liquid, then, what method should be adopted?

complexation extraction - Reverse extraction separation of butyric acid fermentation process has simple operation, low cost, high efficiency, etc. The microorganism fermentation in the production of butyrate is the preferred process.

zhengzhou company for clients in a chemical plant in hubei tianyi extraction, extraction and reverse extraction butyric acid from fermented liquid for you operating unit was provided, customer original equipment for batch reaction kettle, extraction of zhengzhou days for you to design a new type, continuous extraction equipment, and by the best conditions for extraction customer butyric acid extracting rate and efficiency are improved, replacing the cumbersome manual operation, has obtained the good effect of industrial application. Specific process is:

extraction agent: three octyl amine ( TOA)

thinner: octyl alcohol

extraction equipment: centrifugal extraction machine


fermented liquid into the centrifugal extraction machine, at the same time, the extracting agent in proportion into the centrifugal extraction machine, also after grade 2 extraction; Contains butyric acid extraction agent ( Loaded organic phase) Enter the back extraction machine, at the same time, again with NaOH as extraction agent, into the back extraction machine in proportion of butyric acid extraction solvent for extraction, alkaline cleaning, into after alkaline extraction solvent can be recycled. After extraction of sodium butyrate liquid discharge stripping machine, get the product.

fermented liquid pH: 2 - 3

extraction: 0. 3

extraction data:

after extraction, butyric acid in fermented liquid extraction rate can reach 96. 4%, after extraction, butyric acid total yield reached 86. 4%, to meet customer requirements.

. cwl - zhengzhou days M series centrifugal extraction machine its performance has reached the international advanced level. The machine has compact structure, adopts hanging on structure design, cancel at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal, very good to avoid the problem of traditional centrifugal extraction machine leakage at the bottom of the material; Also adopt a totally enclosed design, to avoid the organic material in the process of extraction liquid, a gas leak is really efficient, safe, environmental protection of the centrifugal extraction equipment. Welcome to inquire!
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