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Calcium hydroxide reaction kettle n-hexane extraction transformation

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Calcium hydroxide n-hexane extraction process for solvent extraction, choosing hexane extraction solvent for the extraction of calcium hydroxide. The extraction methods of solvent extraction method is widely used, its high extraction efficiency, large quantity, the extracting agent was cheap, widely used in many fields.

for n-hexane extraction process of calcium hydroxide are as follows: will concentrate containing calcium hydroxide compared with hexane extraction agent according to certain into extraction device, through a mixture of two phase liquid calcium hydroxide to hexane extraction agent, and then through the separation, organic facies extraction fluid eduction body. Subsequent through reverse extraction, extraction agent and organic phase separation, complete extraction process.

the process in the process of operation, choice there are several kinds of extraction equipment, such as extraction, extraction tower, reaction kettle, centrifugal extraction machine, etc. Before a customer choose in the process of production of reaction kettle is operating, but the operating process is complex, fluid is too much trouble, low efficiency, think for equipment modification, so after the query consulting company, I have to meet the requirements of the enterprise production extraction equipment.

in combination with the actual situation of the customer, our company developed centrifugal extraction machine extract calcium hydroxide for the customer the implementation plan, and preliminary experiments were carried out. Through the experimental data show that the centrifugal extraction machine extract calcium hydroxide effect is remarkable, in accordance with customer production requirements. According to the customer's process, made industrial equipment selection for customers, and has been put into production, the equipment operation stability.

centrifugal extraction machine is in accordance with the production needs of customers, mainly the principle has essential difference with other traditional extraction equipment. Centrifugal extraction machine mainly rely on centrifugal force for two phase liquid mixing and separation, mixing and mass transfer speed, good separation effect, easy operation, large capacity, and low energy consumption.

centrifugal extraction machine equipment types, such as the need to understand in detail, to equipment selection scheme of test in production or experiment, can contact the website online customer service, at any time for you to solve!
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