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Carbonic acid extraction equipment transformation of lead smelting process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-13
Carbonic acid extraction equipment transformation of lead smelting process as shown. Lead in the first place in the ammonium carbonate solution, in the 50 - Under 60 oc bubbled into the air or oxygen, strong stirring for several hours, most of the lead sulfide ore into lead carbonate and elemental sulfur, and most of the filtered solution to return to use, small processing emissions; Conversion of slag flotation separation with elemental sulfur, gold, silver and other precious metals, reoccupy silicofluoric acid dissolution, dissolved liquid silicon fluoride acid solution for contain lead, insoluble anode electrolysis, the production metal lead, electrolytic liquid can be returned after dissolving, recycling.
extraction equipment is changed after conversion of lead smelting lead carbonate silicon fluoride acid solution can be used as the raw material also directly lead to produce chemical products. Method is in the lead of silicofluoric acid solution with quantitative, sulfate precipitation lead sulfate, again lead to lead sulfate as raw material to produce chemical products.
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