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Cathode materials of Electrolytic aluminium workshop

Cathode materials of Electrolytic aluminium workshop

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Quick Details
AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS
SAE 1006/Q195
Place of Origin:
Hebei, China
Brand Name:
Yueqi, Bao steel
Model Number:
SAE 1006
Cathode bar of Aluminum melting plant
Hot Rolled
Special Use:
Mold Steel
Product name:
Cathode materials
By order
Carbon Content:
Max 0.06
Surface Treatment:
Circular Angle with a seam
Third party inspection
Good electrical conductivity
HS code:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
4500 Ton/Tons per Day

Cathode materials for Aluminum melting plant


 SAE 1006 Cathode plate is used for electrolytic aluminium factory, the low carbon steel has good electrical conductivity. Our product is produced in big steel factory, the quality is very good, we can supply any size products as your requirement, please contact us to talk about the details.

1 Order contents

Contracts or orders placed under this standard should include the following:

standard encdoing;

product name;

Brand number



Special technical requirements (such as guide processing, etc.)

The following definitions apply to this standard.

2 brand representation

Flat steel grades are indicated by steel grades and cross-section dimensions, such as Q215-120×198. Q195 - carbon structural steel grade, 120 × 198 - the sectional size of the cathode flat steel.

3 Size, shape, weight and allowable deviation

3.1 Flat steel length and its allowable deviation

The cathode flat steel is delivered according to a fixed length, the length of the fixed length shall be specified in the contract, and its allowable length deviation is 0 to +15 mm.

3.2 The four corners along the length of flat steel, the arc radius 5mm ~ 15mm.

3.3 After consultation between the supplier and the buyer, special specifications and requirements are ordered according to the agreement between the supplier and the buyer.

3.4 Weight

Cathode flat steel is delivered according to actual weight. After negotiations between supply and demand sides, they can also be delivered according to theoretical weight. Flat steel measurements are calculated according to nominal dimensions and the specific gravity is calculated at 7.85t/m3.

4 Technical Requirements

4.1 Chemical composition

4.1.1 The chemical composition of the flat steel (smelting analysis) shall comply with the provisions of Table 6.

4.1.2 After negotiations between the supplier and the buyer, other brands than GB/T 700 may also be used, and they must be specified in the contract.

The allowable deviation of the finished chemical composition of the flat steel shall comply with the provisions of GB/T 222.

Table 3 Chemical composition of flat steel


4.2 Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties do not serve as delivery conditions for the cathode flat steel.

4.3 Method of manufacture

4.3.1 Smelting

Flat steel raw material is smelted by Oxygen converter of 40T or more

4.3.2 Roll Forming

It is rolled into rectangular strip or thick steel plate by hot rolling and then processed into rectangular flat steel according to the required size by sawing or flame cutting.

4.4 Surface quality

The surface of the flat steel must not have visible cracks, folds, scabs, inclusions, and pressed iron oxide skin. If the above defects must be removed along the length direction, the clearance depth shall be calculated from the actual size of the flat steel and shall not exceed half of the tolerance.

4.5 Internal quality

Flat steel cross-section after acid immersion low magnification test, the organization is uniform, there must be visible to the naked eye shrinkage, bubbles, cracks and other defects.

5 Test methods

The inspection items and test methods for each batch of steel shall comply with the requirements in Table 5.

No.Inspection itemsSampling quantitySampling locationsTest methods
1Chemical composition (smelting analysis)1GB/T 222GB/T 223,GB/T 4336
2Stretch2GB/T 2975GB/T 228.1
3SurfaceOne by one/Visual inspection
4Dimensions BranchOne by one/Caliper, Steel Tape Measure

6 Inspection Rules

6.1 Inspection and Acceptance

The inspection and acceptance of flat steel products are carried out by the supplier's quality and technical supervision department.

6.2 Group Batch Rules

Flat steel shall be inspected and accepted in batches. Each batch consists of the same brand and the same size as the furnace.

6.3 Sample size and sampling location

The sampling quantity and sampling location of each batch of steel shall comply with the requirements of Table 5.

6.4 Review and Decision Rules

Flat steel re-inspection and determination rules according to GB/T 17505 regulations.

7 Packaging, Signs, and Quality Certificates

7.1 Flat steel must be delivered in bales. The weight of each bale is determined by the parties to the supply and demand.

7.2 Three bundles shall be bundled for each full length of bundle and shall be firm, fastened, and flush at both ends.

7.3 The flat steel mark and quality certificate shall meet the relevant requirements of GB/T 2101.


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