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Cation in the solvent extraction of precious metals wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Heavy metal is one of the important sources of pollution of water environment, how to effectively control and control of heavy metal pollution is cherished. The traditional method of heavy metal wastewater treatment chemical precipitation method, electrochemical method, physical adsorption method, biological method, ion exchange and solvent extraction method, but there are harsh processing conditions, large consumption chemical dosage and a lot of waste, high cost and cause secondary pollution, etc.
but centrifugal extraction machine combined with solvent extraction in the industry get consistent high praise, centrifugal extraction machine as a new mixing and separation equipment, with high separation efficiency, low energy consumption, no phase change, easy operation, no secondary pollution, easy recycling of separation product advantages, is in the field of water treatment technology advantages, in recent years used for heavy metal wastewater treatment effect is better. The domestic and foreign research results of solvent extraction is more, but have focused on the selection of new type polymer, parameter optimization and polymer regeneration, existing problems and developing direction of this method is a lack of deep understanding and depth. The principle of solvent extraction method, influencing factors, the selective separation, extraction solvent recovery problems summarized, points out its development direction and the existing problems, in order to promote the development of the technology and industrialization process.
solvent extraction mechanism of removal of heavy metal wastewater is also called
solvent extraction method -- — Fluid extraction, extraction method for short. � � � method by the organic phase and water phase are mixed, water phase to separate the material into the organic phase, again by two phase mass density different separate two phase. Organic phase generally consists of three kinds of material, the extraction agent, diluent, solvent. Sometimes adding some regulator in the extraction agent, to make the performance of the extraction agent better. Non-ferrous metal cyanide complex extracted from cyanide solution generally use high polymer organic amine, such as chlorinated trialkyl amine ( N263) , diluent for high carbon alcohol is sulfonated kerosene, solvent. Water is to deal with the waste water.

solvent extraction to remove heavy metal wastewater treatment process in the aqueous solution of metal ions and nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and carbonyl functional groups of the polymer complexation reaction to form macromolecular and their derivatives, in the process of extraction separation, due to size effect complex was trapped and, by chelating heavy metal ion, therefore, also have separation, so as to realize the removal of metal ions from aqueous solution.
solvent extraction of metal ions have a higher removal rate and to be able to remove metal ions in the solution to a lower concentration, is one of the effective methods of heavy metal wastewater treatment. The method can be by acidification or electrolytic method to implement water reuse, recycling of heavy metals, polymer regeneration, so as to realize resource. In addition, the solvent extraction technology has the advantage in selective separation of metal ions in water, and other technology to achieve selective separation of metal ions such as liquid membrane technology, compared to more easily industrialization. The selective separation of two kinds of metal ion selective separation, separation condition is relatively harsh. Research on selective separation polymetallic mixed wastewater is solvent extraction in the main direction of heavy metal wastewater treatment. The new. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine, separation condition and the membrane fouling problem is to ensure that the main factors of solvent extraction to remove metal ions. As. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine in industry application. Implements the industrial application of heavy metal wastewater treatment.
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