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Centrifugal extraction dewaxing machine oil refining

by:Deyuan      2020-08-14
Dewaxing oil refining methods including liquid-liquid extraction, bag filter, filter - Saponification method, etc. Bag filter method for low production efficiency, covers an area of big, use less now; Filter - Saponification method yield is not high, the intensity of labor is big, fat loss is high. In comparison, the separation of liquid liquid extraction efficiency is high, product quality is higher also, often using centrifugal extraction dewaxing machine oil refining.
centrifugal extraction dewaxing machine oil refining is actually in the precipitation of wax crystal adding nonpolar solvent oil, thus greatly reduced oil viscosity is conducive to the separation of oil and wax. Using centrifugal extraction machine extraction dewaxing wax melting point of 78 - 82 degrees, yield up to 85%. Solvent consumption is less than 6% of the raw material. Oil recovery rate is about 95%. By contrast, filter - Saponification method of wax recovery rate only 60%, oil recovery rate of only 50%. Thus centrifugal extraction machine liquid liquid extraction method.
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