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Centrifugal extraction equipment combined with traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology research and development of membrane separation technology

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Membrane extraction and separation technology introduction
membrane extraction and separation technology is new technology of plant extracts technology, centrifugal extraction method is the use of natural or synthetic membrane with choice through the sexual, energy or chemical potential difference as a driving force in the world and the two-component or multi-component system for separation, classification, purification and enrichment technology. It is a new highly efficient separation technology, has been internationally recognized as the end of the 20th century to the 21st century middle promising a � � high production technology. Membrane technology including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, etc.

membrane membrane extraction and separation technology application technology mature gradually, already applied in the medical field. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology such as clinical used in hemodialysis, blood purification, affinity filtration, kidney through etc. In the biomedical field, is used in the production of the antibiotics and amino acids, fermented liquid and broth clarification, biological products sterilization and the removal of heat source such as a, as well as for peptide, protein, enzyme, cell and virus concentration, concentration and purification.
new membrane separation technology used in the industries of traditional Chinese medicine extract
at present this technology has been widely used in the production of the preparation of Chinese medicine, centrifugal extraction machine is ultrafiltration technology since the 1990 s, with its high efficiency, energy saving and green etc. , more and more application in the Chinese native medicine preparation. Membrane technology with conventional methods such as centrifugal separation, sedimentation, filtration, extraction, compared with obvious potential advantages: easy operation, compact structure, low energy consumption, simple process, no secondary pollution. Using membrane separation technology, which can effectively overcome the invalid low into a large and effective into components of common faults, to make good quality, curative effect is distinct from traditional Chinese medicine modern preparation. Visible, membrane separation technology and the technology of supercritical fluid extraction, macroporous resin is too attached to the separation technology, is to improve the level of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical and product quality, dosage form innovation, improve the curative effect, one of the effective methods of reducing energy consumption and cost, to the development of technical renovation and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry in China is of great significance.
the characteristics of the new-type membrane separation technology in traditional Chinese medicine extraction (
1) Active ingredients at room temperature for
loss few, especially suitable for heat-sensitive substances, such as antibiotic medicine, fruit juice, enzyme, protein separation and enrichment
( 2) No phase change
keep the original flavor, low energy consumption, evaporation and concentration or the cost of about a third - of freeze concentration 1/8
( 3) No chemical change
the typical physical separation process, without chemicals and additives, the product is not contaminated
( 4) Selective
separation can be carried out within the molecular substances, universal the excellence performance
can't replace the filter material ( 5) Adaptable
processing size but can small, can be continuous clearance, simple technology, convenient operation, easy automation
( 6) Low energy consumption
just need electricity, low energy consumption, evaporation and concentration or the cost of about a third - of freeze concentration 1/8.
new-type membrane separation technology in traditional Chinese medicine extract
at present, the prospect of membrane separation technology in traditional Chinese medicine extract has gained great progress, but it is still in a rising stage of development, we have a lot of work to do. Membrane science and technology of the 21st century will further improve and perfect the existing membrane process, and continuously explore and develop new processes and materials, and constantly expand the original application field, make the membrane technology play a bigger role into full play.
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