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Centrifugal extraction equipment research on the effects of DNBP industrial wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-07
DNBP 2 - namely Sec-butyl - 4, 6 - Nitro phenol, is a kind of important chemicals, can be used as herbicides, pesticides, etc. With the increase of production enterprises demand for DNBP, produce a large number of DNBP industrial wastewater. In the wastewater DNBP can persist and enrichment in nature for a long time to pose a threat to human health and ecological environment. Current research DNBP industrial wastewater treatment process become hotspots and difficulties in the field of wastewater treatment. According to DNBP industrial wastewater treatment, at present, extraction, distillation, biological degradation method, adsorption method, oxidation method, etc.

a, extraction,

extraction is insoluble or poorly soluble in water extraction agent according to certain proportion of mixed with waste water, the waste water of the organic matter is transferred to extracting agent, and then after separation by centrifugal extraction machine, the realization of two phase fluid separation, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying wastewater and recovery of useful substances.

the extraction DNBP wastewater treatment mainly choose. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine, its advantage is that the equipment is simple, convenient operation, low power consumption, and good extraction efficiency. The extraction process with multistage extraction, extraction efficiency is improved.

2, distillation method

distillation method is mainly used in the liquid mixture differences in volatility, heating makes liquid gasification, condense into liquid process again. This method is suitable for the different boiling point the miscibility of liquid mixtures, is a kind of use back to make the separation of liquid mixtures with high purity distillation method, is widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, metallurgy and other departments.

distillation method has the advantage of simple equipment, easy to operate; Drawback is the use of steam, high processing cost, not to a large number of wastewater treatment.

3, biological degradation

biodegradation method is the use of microbial metabolism, make the organic pollutants in industrial wastewater into harmless substance, so as to achieve the aim of sewage treatment. On microbial DNBP have great toxicity, often need to be done under the condition of anaerobic degradation.

biodegradation method has the advantage of processing large quantity, low cost, small secondary pollution; Defect is can only deal with low concentration of waste water, long processing time, cultivate strains of the cycle is long.

4, adsorption

adsorption method is the use of porous solid material adsorption pollutants in wastewater, so as to achieve a method of sewage treatment. Has the adsorption capacity of porous solid material known as adsorbent, by adsorption material known as adsorbate. Commonly used for adsorption of nitro phenolics adsorbent is activated carbon, fly ash, and other adsorbent macroporous adsorption resin.

adsorption method has the advantage of easy operation, simple process, but there is also a sorbent regeneration difficulty, easy to produce the shortcomings such as a new solid waste.

5, oxidation,

oxidation method is the use of KMnO4, O3, chloride and other common oxidant DNBP decomposition, as well as a method of oxidation of reducing substances in water.

oxidation method has the advantage of quick oxidation rate, purification rate is high. Defect is selectivity, high cost, the part of oxidant can cause secondary pollution, has become the factors restricting its development.

to sum up, no matter what kind of treatment method has its advantages and disadvantages. Represented by distillation and extraction method of physical methods DNBP wastewater treatment, technological process is relatively simple and removal rate of DNBP is above 90%, and is the high selectivity of two methods. And biological methods while dealing with large water volume, low cost, but not high concentration of wastewater treatment, the processing time is longer. Although oxidation treatment of DNBP removal rate can reach 99%, speed is fast, no secondary pollution, but also has such problems as the catalyst is not easy to recycle.

related extraction equipment figure:

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