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Centrifugal extraction machine acid extraction of cadmium in the solution process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
In wet zinc smelting process, cadmium in the impurities form exists in zinc sulfate solution, by using priority extraction and enrichment of cadmium zinc cadmium is relatively reasonable, the following simple introduction centrifugal extraction machine acid extraction of cadmium in the solution process
extraction of cadmium in sulfuric acid solution, organic sulfur and phosphate material toxicity was low, room temperature is usually viscosity oily liquid, with hydrogen sulphide odour, turn it into the corresponding salt, can avoid the smell, and soluble in organic solvent, can be in pH less than zero under the condition of extraction separation of cadmium
extracting cadmium nitrate solution: in nitric acid system, when using a carboxylic acid extraction of cadmium, different structure of carboxylic acid extraction behavior is different, tributyl phosphate in dilute nitric acid solution with the aid of join excessive potassium iodide, can also be cadmium extraction. Extracting cadmium:
phosphate solution in phosphoric acid solution, with 2% of the cadmium trialkyl amine solution extraction, with equal volume of 1 mol/L hydrochloric acid balance, cadmium distribution ratio is 6. 4, water is a good extraction agent, when compared to six, with level 1 reverse extraction, extraction rate of cadmium greater than 80%.
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