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Centrifugal extraction machine application in non-ferrous metallurgical industry prospects

by:Deyuan      2020-09-13
There are two main types of non-ferrous metals metallurgy process at present: one is pyrometallurgy and the other is to hydrometallurgy. In hydrometallurgy of commonly used equipment for the centrifugal extraction machine, centrifugal extraction machine is through the drum rotating weight two-phase mixing and mass transfer, in two phase separation by centrifugal force effect weight. The advantage of this kind of equipment is: fast mass transfer and phase splitting performance is good. The equipment has simple structure, flexible operation, covers an area of a few and easy to implement mass production. According to the different production process can be a single use, also can use many sets of series. Installation, maintenance and operation is simple, high degree of automation, you need less workers, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.
above all: centrifugal extraction machine application in non-ferrous metallurgical industry value is higher and higher, more people attention and attention. At present, the centrifugal extraction machine used in non-ferrous metallurgical industry are: the separation of indium iron, nickel and cobalt separation, the separation of rare earth elements and so on.
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