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Centrifugal extraction machine application in pesticide intermediates containing phenol wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
Pesticide intermediates
the significance of development of our country belongs to the agricultural country, pesticide is agricultural pest prevention and control of potions, belong to the fine chemical products, wide variety. In recent years as more and more high to the requirement of pesticide, not only high efficiency and safety, including the safety of the environment, therefore, the structure of pesticide varieties more and more complex, many heterocyclic compound, containing fluorine compounds and chiral compounds has introduced the pesticide chemical structure, leading to the structure of pesticide intermediates is also becoming complicated, made more difficult, higher quality requirements.
pesticide intermediates manufacturing mainly phenolic substances in the waste water in
o-cresol is mainly used for synthesis of pesticide and the basic raw material, the early separation from coal tar and petroleum cracking products, after the development of synthetic methods have o-toluidine diazotization hydrolysis method, adjacent chlorotoluene alkaline hydrolysis, phenol and methanol catalytic methylation, now the industry is basic the use of phenol with methanol methylation.

adjacent sec-butyl phenol adjacent sec-butyl phenol is synthesis of carbamate pesticides fenobucarb ( Baasha) The important intermediates and herbicide dinoseb and acaricide binapacryl intermediate. In the pharmaceutical industry, adjacent sec-butyl phenol is often used as disinfectant and preservative. In recent years, with the rapid development of petrochemical industry at home and abroad, with adjacent sec-butyl phenol as raw material, nitric acid as nitrating agent via one step catalytic synthesis of new effective inhibitor DNBP ( Adjacent sec-butyl - 4, 6 2 nitro phenol) The market is becoming more and more wide.
2,6 - Xylenol
2, 6 - Xylenol is a kind of important fine chemical intermediates, in industry mainly as a composite engineering plastics polyphenylene ether ( PPO) The monomers, also can be used in the synthesis of 2, 6 - Dimethyl aniline. 2, 6 - Synthesis methods of xylenol mainly by methanol in gas phase or liquid phase alkylation of phenol. At present, the main reaction and development of catalyst system are molecular sieve catalyst, hydrotalcite catalyst and metal oxide catalysts. Molecular sieve catalyst selectivity is poorer, generation O - at the same time Alkylation and C - Alkylation products, and the catalyst is easily blocked, loss of use. Metal oxide and spinel catalyst for phenol - C Alkylation showed better catalytic performance, but there are high reaction temperature, poor selectivity, low yield issue.

(catechol, catechol, also known as 1, 2 - Benzodiazepines, hydrogen is benzene 2 ortho after replaced by hydroxyl compounds, as a kind of chemical intermediates, can be used as a hardener, electroplating additives, rubber skin antiseptic fungicide, hair dye color pictures, photographic developer, antioxidants, fur dyeing chromogenic agent, paint and varnish anti peeling agent, is a synthetic resin, tannic acid, pesticides, budweiser, propoxur medicine berberine, epinephrine, spices, vanillin, safrole, one of the raw material of heliotropin etc. As China's oil industry, pesticide production, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, etc. The development of production, transportation, species of aromatic compounds has become a serious environmental pollutants, which are easily through biological enrichment harmful biological health, have a kind of hormone, cause the endocrine disorder, also called environmental hormone. Monocyclic aromatic by oxidation of free radicals and other metabolites in biological body of harmful organisms, nitrobenzene, phenol, phthalic acid esters has become a global environmental organic pollutants (pops) such as, in the atmosphere, water environment, soil widely exists. Environment of catechol increasingly serious pollution hazard.
centrifugal extraction machine application prospect of phenol wastewater treatment in pesticide intermediates
with pesticide production has become increasingly sophisticated, seriation, pesticide intermediates more variety, higher quality. In the process of the synthesis of pesticide intermediates, however, because of o-cresol is mainly used for synthesis of pesticide and the basic raw material, so often appear in pesticide intermediates manufacturing production problem of 'three wastes', as the centrifugal extraction machine containing phenol wastewater treatment technology of mature, making centrifugal extraction machine application in pesticide intermediates containing phenol wastewater treatment had been used very well. For China's pesticide intermediates manufacturing industry phenol wastewater treatment has great significance. Pesticide intermediates - Adjacent isopropyl phenol and adjacent sec-butyl phenol literature summary [ J] Hunan chemical industry, 1977, 7 ( 1) : 29 - 40
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