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Centrifugal extraction machine application in the separation process of rare earth elements

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Separation of rare earth elements as a key technology in the field of rare earths, has always been the research difficulty.
centrifugal extraction machine as the core equipment of rare earth elements separation process, is reported in 2012 by baotou city expo extraction equipment co. , LTD. , baotou rare earth research institute and the Inner Mongolia baotou steel rare earth ( Group) High-tech co. , LTD. , in collaboration with rare earth centrifugal extraction equipment and process technology of the project at the beginning of the century to practical application. Originally yes of rare earth elements separation process is done with slot extraction equipment to complete the work.
according to at that time, built in the technology for processing 5000 tons of rare earth carbonate centrifugal extraction separation lines and YiTiao industrialization production line for processing 3000 tons of rare earth ndfeb waste recycling project, has been to provide clients with lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium and dysprosium oxide, fluoride, carbonate, and many other high quality products. New production line after nearly three years of continuous operation, confirmed the reliability of the technology and equipment.
status of rare earth elements separation
new technology of rare earth elements separation, in the early 1880 s, our country has relevant books. Introduced the extraction of rare earth elements separation, extraction process and extraction equipment. Emphasized the separation of rare earth elements based on centrifugal extraction machine abroad breakthrough and development and the limitations of domestic take slot extraction separation technology. Due to the hysteresis and the domestic related industry technology, the company's money problems, there has been no relevant centrifugal extraction machine application of rare earth elements. Centrifugal extraction machine application of rare earth elements separation

over the years, China's rare earth separation have been taken box slot extraction separation technology, resource recovery and recycling level is difficult to get a promotion. Centrifugal separation of rare earth extraction machine technology r&d and industrialization to improve the efficiency of rare earth separation, environmental protection, cleaner production as well as the realization of rare earth separation production equipment upgrading is of great significance, is also a creative breakthrough of rare earth cascade extraction theory.
according to the information center for rare earths, chief expert professor DouXueHong, the project of a complete set of production line by centrifugal extraction machine and digital flow system as the core, adopts the automatic control and a fully functional operating software and supporting facilities, complete the extraction separation of all kinds of rare earth materials. Extraction technology and equipment with high efficiency, good stability, fast separation, high degree of automation, and the rare earth industry commonly used box-type extractor, compared with a small amount of pressure tank, covers an area of less, high efficiency, etc. Each index reached the international advanced level.
how companies sold in the production of our country at present. CWL - M type centrifugal extraction as a new generation of centrifugal extraction machine, the most striking features: low power consumption, low noise. Especially in the aspect of energy saving is very outstanding. If according to a 300 centrifugal extraction machine running water production line, about a year could save tens of millions of power consumption cost.
the production line of the extraction and separation by many new centrifugal extraction machine, automatic control system and fully automatic flow system of three parts, centrifugal extraction machine adopts a countercurrent series, set the bypass pipe connection and combined with automatic control. Compared with traditional box-type extraction separation technology, the project production line intensity of greatly improved, thus high mass transfer efficiency, large capacity; Under the condition of same production, less dosage of extraction agent, the product small amount of pressure tank; Greatly reduce the water soluble loss extraction agent; Process balance time is short, Single-stage balance only for 30 seconds) Effect is small, open parking on production; Production system fully enclosed, without diluent evaporation loss, greatly reduce consumption, greatly improve the production environment; The realization of the automatic operation reduce working procedure, operation cost is reduced.
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