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Centrifugal extraction machine application of maleic acid synthetic pesticides intermediates

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
Maleic acid, also known as 'maleic acid', is a compound, for the most simple unsaturated dicarboxylic. It does not exist in nature, the toxicity of medium. Generally used for coating of insulation, or as a raw material to produce pesticides. It is mainly used in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resin and tartaric acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid, DL - Malic acid, dyeing auxiliaries and grease chemical compounds such as preservatives, in medicine, pesticide, food, etc, also have more extensive application. At present, the determination method of maleic acid content are mainly high performance liquid chromatography, and by ultraviolet spectrophotometry has not yet been reported. Main application

1, used in pharmaceutical, is also used as a preservative oil and grease;
2, used in the production of pesticide marathon, net of pine, synthesis of unsaturated polyester resin, tartaric acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid and other products;
3, used in the coatings, food, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and so on.

production methods, 1 butene ( Alkanes) Oxidation: butene ( Alkanes) Under the vanadium catalyst role, generated by the air oxidation maleic anhydride, reaction temperature is 350 - 450 ℃, then the water absorption to generate suitable acid, then through enrichment, dry have to finished products.
2, benzene oxidation: pure benzene after preheating, under a series of vanadium catalyst, generated by the air oxidation maleic anhydride, reaction temperature is 360 ℃, then the water absorption, acid concentration, crystallization and drying product.
3, under the catalysis of acetyl chloride, removing the water in malic acid, make ChengShun butylene anhydride, and then hydrolyzed into maleic acid.
4, and other production methods:
( 1) Naphthalene or o-xylene oxidation produce benzene by-product suitable acid anhydride.
      ( 2) Furfural oxidation method, this method for efficiency problem is not used.
centrifugal extraction machine as the characteristics of the synthesis of maleic acid production equipment:
(1) to adapt to the strong performance - — Compared with the traditional van and extraction tower equipment, under the effect of centrifugal force, the remaining time is short, split phase quickly, to adapt to the wide range of flow ratio, and processing power; By changing the weir plate and frequency control of motor speed can meet the different density and viscosity of liquid materials;
2 material stock of small - — Two-phase material stock in the equipment is small, short contact time, more suitable for processing because of long time volatile activity and variability of materials such as antibiotics, etc. , of course, individual system needs two phase together contact time long also can operate separately.
(3) high extraction efficiency - — Phase equilibrium set up fast, easy to implement series single stage or multistage counter-current or wrong washing and extraction, high mass transfer efficiency and grade efficiency approaching 100%, stop not to undermine the established after concentration distribution at different levels, can at any time at all levels of sampling, facilitate testing.
(4) to take up the space is little, — Motor direct drive, no transmission attachments, compact structure, save area and operating space, less auxiliary equipment.
5] adaptable - — Not because of the change of the material influence extraction effect, can deal with small difference in density between the viscosity of the system, and has a strong ability of demulsification.
[6] operating performance is good, — Automatic operation, the operation flow ratio range is very wide. Can continuous uninterrupted operation, also can use small batch more varieties; Can be intermittent operation, can be a single run, also may need many sets of series operation according to the craft, unlimited number, installation, operation and maintenance is simple, you need less workers, can significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve working environment, and a parking is convenient, easy to implement online analysis and automatic control, etc. Power can be run. Without the traditional process of high tower transporting fluid.
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