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Centrifugal extraction machine application of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the medicinal extract onion

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
The onion is a liliaceous allium, herbs for the 2 year students. In one of the onion extract essential oil is rich in allicin three sulfide, mercaptan, etc. Caffeic acid, sinapic acid, cinnamic acid, citric acid salt, polysaccharide and amino acids. Onion ring alliin to tears.
onion active ingredient extraction mainly by organic solvent extraction, and more using ethanol as extraction agent from, main technical route for:
fresh purple skin - filter - peeled onion to cleaning, pretreatment, Broken homogenate) - temperature control digestion ( Join buffer) To dry at low temperature, fine crushing to ethanol extraction of temperature control, collection of leaching solution to centrifugal extraction machine mixing and separation, vacuum concentration - refining - vacuum concentration to freeze drying, inert gas protection packaging - finished goods kept at low temperature.
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