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Centrifugal extraction machine applied in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Using centrifugal extraction machine to produce pharmaceutical intermediates know pharmaceutical intermediates is a branch of fine goods, is a product of organic synthesis reaction, mostly need more steps, after the reaction were extracted by solvent need products; The traditional production process is the use of the reaction kettle, under the reaction kettle with glass cup, after being joined extraction agent stirring, let stand, layered, after 2 - Three times to get product extracted completely, the process operation is more tedious, and can't continuous automatic production.
centrifugal extraction machine if the application in organic synthesis of extraction operations, after 2 - Can meet the technological requirements, level 3 of the extraction and extraction step to complete the operation. For example, 4, 6 - Dichloro pyrimidine production will be after quenching the reaction liquid using extraction tank you just need to level 3, continuous production, and thus greatly shorten the production cycle.
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