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Centrifugal extraction machine carbonization method extracting gallium

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Centrifugal extraction machine carbide method extracting technology based on using distribution acid carbonate after reaching out of aluminum and enrichment of gallium, then through dissolving the gallium into some kind of acid or alkali medium, and then use the corresponding gallium extraction solvent extraction, extraction of gallium by centrifugal extraction machine carbonization process flow diagram, as shown in this process, if the gallium into alkaline medium, use Kelex100 extraction; If the gallium into hydrochloric acid system, the ethyl acetate extract can adopt three octyl amine and gallium, after extraction with gallium aluminum, iron, lead, zinc, cobalt, nickel and copper separation.
centrifugal extraction machine carbonization method extracting gallium in hydrochloric acid solution using tributyl phosphate extract gallium, can make the gallium and heavy metal impurity separation, but iron and antimony will been extracted at the same time, and easy to produce the third phase, in hydrochloric acid medium by methyl isobutyl ketone can quantitative extraction of gallium, but methyl isobutyl ketone water-soluble larger flawed.
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