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Centrifugal extraction machine Chinese medicine extraction technology of enzyme extraction characteristics

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Centrifugal extraction machine characteristics of Chinese traditional medicine extraction technology of enzymatic extraction:

1. Mild reaction conditions, product is not easy to change enzymatic method mainly adopts enzyme destruction of cell wall structure, has the characteristics of mild reaction condition, high selectivity, and enzyme specificity can avoid damage to the bottom store material. In the extraction of the chemical composition of thermal stability or content is less, the advantage is more obvious. Using enzymatic extraction of flavonoids in onion, in onion skin, enzymatic hydrolysis, avoids because of high temperature damage to the structure of the flavonoids, improve the extraction yield of flavonoids.

2。 Improve the extraction yield and shorten extracting time enzymatic pretreatment reduces the dissolution of effective components from the Chinese medicinal materials and the mass transfer resistance when the solvent extraction and shorten the extraction time, increase extraction yield, has great application value. Using composite enzymatic extraction of effective components in jasmine, compared with the traditional water extraction, extraction temperature decreased from 85 ~ 90 ℃ to 50 ℃, extracting time from 3 h to 1 h, extraction yield by 55% ~ 60% to 65% ~ 70%.
3。 Cost reduction, environmental protection and energy saving. Efficient enzymatic is green plant extracting technology, can use related enzymes to improve the polarity of extract, thereby reducing the use of organic solvent, reduce the cost.
4。 Optimization of enzymic not only can be used in Chinese herbal medicine effective components extraction process, also may carry on the enzymatic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine extract, optimizing effect components, improve the target product medicinal value.
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