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Centrifugal extraction machine combined with traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the total saponins technology is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
According to the properties and structure of the saponins, centrifugal extraction machine as a traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment can be used to extract the total saponins solvent extraction. Saponins, strong hydrophilicity of extraction solvent polarity available water or ethanol, methanol. The molecular structure of the saponin may contain carboxyl, acidic, can react with alkali salt and soluble in water, so also can use alkaline water as extraction solvent. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment should be according to the nature of the raw material and component and structure of saponins, choose different extraction solvents, extraction solvents commonly used in industrial production has three kinds of water, dilute ethanol and ethanol.
( 1) Water extraction
to larger, soluble in water, hardly soluble in ethanol, saponins, traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology can water leaching. In low starch content, the smaller the surface tension of the saponins contained raw water or alkali aqueous solution as extraction solvent is better. Neutral saponins water as extraction solvent and acidity saponins in dilute alkaline leaching solvent relatively appropriate. For some difficult soluble in cold water and soluble in alkaline solution acidity saponins, also can use alkaline solution leaching, leaching can add acid to water leaching solution after acidification, saponin and precipitate out, on the industrial extraction of glycyrrhizic acid in this way. Leaching saponins can be heated with the proposed method can also be cold soak. Water as extraction solvent, pay special attention to the control factor of produced liquid, too much because of the volume of leaching solution can greatly improve the production cost, reduce the extraction yield of the product.
( 2) Dilute ethanol extraction
rare general control in 70% ethanol concentration, according to the properties of raw materials, the composition and structure of the saponins. Commonly used 60% of the dilute ethanol. The extraction solvent is suitable for high starch raw materials, particularly applicable to the neutral of saponin extraction of poorly soluble in water. Cut out in dilute ethanol extraction prevent saponins bubbles, at the same time also can reduce the water soluble impurities and fat-soluble impurities leaching.
( 3) Ethanol extraction
to smaller, polarity, it is difficult for poorly soluble in water or dilute ethanol extraction of saponins can use ethanol as the solvent extraction. Saponins of polarity is bigger when too much water or dilute ethanol extraction and impurities can also be used ethanol extraction. This law has the advantage of water soluble impurities in leaching solution is less, the disadvantage is that the fat-soluble impurities in leaching solution is more, but these fat-soluble impurities in the recycled ethanol precipitation after heat dissolved the saponins in water and be removed.
for some more plants of fat-soluble impurities simplify the process of refining, separation of total saponins, available light gasoline, benzene or chloroform fat-soluble impurities leaching out first, then with ethanol extraction saponins, to enrichment and recovery of ethanol extract, total saponins of sediment precipitation after cooling. This method has the advantage of leaching content high, less impurity and content of saponins in refining is relatively simple.
centrifugal extraction machine as a traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment solvent extraction to extract the total saponins
centrifugal extraction machine used as traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract the total saponins is solvent leaching from notoginseng leaf, then the leaching liquid for liquid liquid extraction separation, the final product was obtained, and the technology is of great help to medicine and clinical aspects, provides convenient for many patients.
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