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Centrifugal extraction machine copper hydrometallurgy extraction solvent characteristics

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
At present the centrifugal extraction machine on the international copper hydrometallurgy extraction solvent characteristics can be summarized as the following:
1. Mainly used for porphyry copper deposits, individual used for sand shale type copper mine, this is because the porphyry copper ore containing alkaline gangue mineral is little, according to the investigation, the current processing material calcium and magnesium content is very low, only about 1% commonly, gold, silver, molybdenum, iron, manganese, sulfur and other elements, usually when the leaching of acid consumption of copper consumption per ton of 2 - 3 t sulfuric acid, rarely more than 3 t, ore containing gold and silver is higher also USES the technology of solvent extraction.

2. Early are generally first tackle the oxidized ore, recently has been widely used in bacterial leaching of sulfide mine, the further development of flotation tailings. Pit mine residue, copper waste rock as well as mining waste water treatment, solvent extraction technology has expanded application scope, especially some mine resources shortage, more rapid development.
3. The existing large and medium-sized solvent extraction factory is located in the tropical and subtropical regions, mild climate, abundant rainfall, it can be seen that the climate is also a factor must be considered, according to experts research, cold area oxidized ore difficult to leach, sulfide ore is only suitable for processing.

machine centrifugal extraction solvent copper hydrometallurgy extraction technology is characterized by considering the copper hydrometallurgy technology in industrial link factors must be taken into consideration, clear these characteristics are often can have the effect of winning.
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