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Centrifugal extraction machine development and prospects in the future

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
A centrifugal extraction machine applied to many industries of a set of equipment, but because there is no qualitative centrifuge price, industry and the limitations of centrifuge technology cannot make industry people cognition in the market.
a lot of enterprises in China's production of centrifugal extraction machine, currently 70% of the centrifuge by the foreign trade market, exports Europe and the United States, yet in gradually reduce domestic orders this year, the current market enterprise faces is the problem of survival and development, in the face of market risk, we were very worried, for the future development of enterprises should be cautious and optimism, for centrifuge market many companies still optimistic about the future market.
in terms of the current domestic market storage capacity is very big, is affected by the environment, water and industrial water circulation and centrifugal extraction machine is a product of choice and centrifugal extraction machine are efficient energy conservation and environmental protection, small power consumption, simple maintenance, long service life, centrifuge market mainly petrochemical, wet metallurgy industry, biological engineering, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industry, etc. , along with our country for energy conservation and environmental protection and the development of new energy, centrifugal extraction machine in the next five years there is a big market and development space. From China energy association provides new data show that foreign trade market from the original European and American markets have turned to eastern Europe, Russia, south-central Asia, etc. , these huge market that enterprises need to accelerate the self adjustment, seize opportunities, strengthen scientific research, to survival and development of thought.
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