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Centrifugal extraction machine ethanol extraction technology to extract Chinese medicine uncaria

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Teng, formerly known as 'catch cane', beginning in the doctors don't record, as inferior. Sex cold, taste gansu, the liver and by the pericardium, have clear heat liver, XiFeng arresting convulsion. Medicinal has a long history in our country, for pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine to medicine and drugs commonly used in modern prescriptions treating high blood pressure. The main ingredients of rhy and different rhy indole alkaloids. Uncaria mainly adopts water extraction and ethanol extraction. But as. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine successfully developed, using. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine combined with ethanol extraction method has gradually replaced water method, this text set about from uncaria main characters, introduced the extraction process of ethanol extraction of uncaria extract. Centrifugal extraction machine of uncaria

extraction process in uncaria after crushing, alkalization, extraction, rhy mainly dissolved in the water extraction liquid; After the pH, rhy free out from the water, then with ethanol extraction, the rhy into ethanol, and then continue to complete follow-up purification crystallization operation.
in uncaria extraction process, the traditional mode of operation is tank stirring extraction, artificial to separate two phase after stratification by gravitational force, this kind of intermittent operation is relatively cumbersome, a longer production cycle � � � using. cwl - M new centrifugal extraction machine can not only overcome the above shortcomings, but also can make the extraction period of continuous production, separating the two more completely, less dosage of ethanol, extraction rate is higher, etc.
days concluded by experiments in the extraction from the extract yield with 40% ethanol and 60% ethanol extract yield is higher, and extract with 60% ethanol extract of rhy content in the highest, above all is extracted by 60% ethanol as solvent is most appropriate.
the alcohol extract content of rhy in significantly higher than the content of water extract, as a result of rhy ester bond heated easy to decompose, trial alcohol extraction and water bath temperature is 80 ~ 85 ℃, the structure of rhy ester bond is not damaged, suggest that we should avoid when preparation of uncaria solid preparation temperature is too high.
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