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Centrifugal extraction machine ethyl acetate extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-15
Ethyl acetate at room temperature with neutral oil in any ratio miscibility, centrifugal extraction machine ethyl acetate extraction process, it is according to this principle, because the bran wax smaller solubility in the ethyl acetate, using the solubility difference of rice bran oil bran wax separated flow chart is as follows:

ethyl acetate extract of centrifugal extraction machine process basic process is: raw material oil after dehydration, a triple extraction countercurrent extraction, solvent ratio of 2. 5, from the first stage centrifugal extraction machine exhaust extraction phase gas in solvent evaporation in the scraper and rice bran oil. From the third grade centrifugal extraction machine discharge more than extraction phase is also used to take off the solvent evaporation method, get the bran wax. Evaporator vapor condensation from recycled after use.
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